Friday, December 19, 2008

We're here!!!

After 12 hours in the car yesterday we are finally in GA. we arrived last night... well this morning at about 1 am! We were going to stay over at hotel, but Jon was so excited to get there that we kept going and going and going, and about 1 am we snuck into his Dad's house. we were so quite that they didn't realize we were here till this morning!!! it was a fun surprise for them and us too!
The trip went well and the kids did great. Lima loved looking at the Christmas lights as we went along, He loved them so much that he woke up Ellie cause he was so excited about the lights!!!!
We are so excited for the kids to be with their Pepa and Mema. and Grandma.
We will be using their cum. while were here so we won't be able to post any pix. till we get home. but we promise that we'll put some on asap!

Oh, if you think about it please Pray for My( Carra's) Mom Charlene. she is having some test done on her heart today! she's been having trouble for a few weeks now and so they went ahead and did some test today. We are praying that it's not as they think it might be, but something simple not her heart.
We'll keep you up dated when we find out anything !
Thanks so much!!!
Have a great Day

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thanksgiving/ Christmas in IN.

Hey there!!!
We are home for a few weeks before we head to GA. to be with the rest of the family for Christmas Day!
Here are the long awaited pix from our IN trip!

Our very very Live nativity!!
It was so cute! the Kids had fun!

Kissing Bush!!!

Kissing Cousins

Our Family!!!

Have a great week and will update in a few weeks withe pix form GA!