Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A little tour!

Well the sun was out for just enough time for me to get some shots, so as promised here is a tour of our little yard and garden!

This by our front side walk!
I love the Mama Chicken and her "3" chicks!

The other side of the side walk!

I'd been wishing for a Colonial flag for a while and Jon found one!
and I love the little door that he made me out of reclaimed boards.
(Oh, the sign on it say" Little is much when God is in it.")

Here is our little garden!
when I left for IN. everything was so little, not so any more:)

Our mail boxes!

This is Naomi's (our landlords) garden, her garden is just wonderful!!!
and her Larkspur is just.... WOW this time of year!!

Well that's it for now, we have a few more flower beds here or there, but the computer is slow tonight that's why the pix are small, so this will have to do.
But before I go I want to share a bit more from my heart with you!

The Lord was convicting me yesterday as I was working outside, I was so excited to do this little tour that I let the house work go INSIDE for a few days, and things are a mess. all because I was wanting to get the OUTSIDE looking cute and all ready.
That's what we as Christians do sometimes. We strive to keep things on the OUTSIDE looking good. making sure that we're all put together, the kids are clean and neat. and when asked how were doing we reply " Fine thanks!" But INSIDE where no one can see, were falling apart. there is sin in our Hearts, it's as dirty as can be, and we're not walking with the Lord.
So as you think about your life this week what does your INSIDE look like!

Hope you enjoyed the little tour!

Have a great evening.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sneak Peak!

Finally I got all of the weeds pulled and mulch on the flower beds and I had talked about doing a little Garden/ flower bed tour for my family that can't make it out this time of the year.
So here is just a little teaser or Sneak Peak for you!

If it's sunny tomorrow I'll get some pix for you to enjoy!

We just got this done yesterday!

See ya Lord willing with a little tour!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mr.& Mrs. Clayton Evans!

She did it!!!
My baby Sister is now Mrs. Clayton Evans!
We had a delightful time with my family, and I just wanted to share a few pix with you of the wedding weekend!

My parents with all 6 kids and spouses,
and 19 Grandchildren.

My Parents and all 19 Grandchildren
we're missing just one little one still in the Tummy!

The wedding day!

My Beautiful Baby Sister!

Mr & Mrs Clayton Evans!

Congrats Cayla and Clayton!
We are so excited to see what the Lord has for your lives together!
We love you!

After the wedding weekend we headed to the Creation Museum in KY. with my Sister and her family. we had a delightful time together, I'll try and blog about it some time this week!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Household Drudgery or Eternal Worth?

I saw this on my girlfriends Blog and loved it!

Three Mothers

"Once a woman came upon three mothers at work.
'What are you doing?' she asked of them.

" 'I'm doing the weekly washing', answered the first.

" 'I'm doing a bit of household drudgery", replied the second.

" 'I'm mothering three young children who some day will fill important and useful spheres in life, and wash-day is a part of my grand task in caring for these souls who shall live forever,' replied the third. Only she had caught a vision of the great work she was doing."

From the book "Soul Sculpture" (what you owe to your child) by E.F. & L. Harvey

I just loved it and had to share it with you tonight!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Liam Ross!

Liam has had a blast the past few weeks learning how to ride his bike.
he'd been begging us to take his training wheels off for
a few weeks say " I can rally ride without them."
he was so excited about it!

Try again...
Maybe this hat
will help...

He did such a great job, he's a very fast learner. in just a few min he was up and gong all on his own!
But Mama isn't so sure that she is ready for him to be all on his own. But I guess well see how the summer goes. :)
Off to work on wedding stuff!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


As promised I'm blogging backwards from a few weeks and months ago!
So here is just about our Precious little Aiden!!!

Aiden Macsheyne...
Sweet... Sneaky...
lovable... Smart...
Big... Monkey boy... bubbly...

Adventurousness... Our Baby Boy...

independent... Blue Eyes... strong willed...
Sweet... Grandson...
Daddy's Boy...

Before we came to IN he was is desperate need of his first Hair Cut!
I was soooooooo nervous, Liam's hair is curly so if you mess it up you really can't tell much, but Aide's is silky and fine. so I got brave and started to just trim a little here and there!
I didn't do too much but here's some pix of his little hair cut!

he had to have a Popsicle to help him be still!

All done!
He is such a huge blessing to us, the Lord knew we need a sweet little one for baby #3!
He is a delight and we are so thankful for him!
Have a great night! I'm off to talk to my Hubby who I miss dearly,(sigh) and then it's off to bed.
Next week at this time we will be all done with the wedding and hanging out as a family!!!
So excited for Cayla and Clayton. and their union before the Lord!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Indiana with Family!!!!!

This week the kids and I traveled to Indiana to be with my family as my youngest
sister gets Married to Clayton next weekend!!
It's been a busy time of planning, I'm having a blast being the wedding coordinator for my sister, it has been just a bit CRAZY and fun too! we have lots of little things to get done, but thankfully we have a lot done praise the Lord!!!
Mom and Cayla have been working really hard before I got here and everything is coming together really well. I just love weddings, and all the fun that goes into it to honor the Lord!!!
But were not all hard work and no play. we've taken time out to get together with the cousins at Busco's Splash Pad!
What a fun time to be together for to kids, it's been soooooooo hot here compared to our mountains of MD. so the splash pad was wonderful for the kids. and I have to admit us grown ups did too! :)
Here's just a few pix of the beginning of our week here in Indiana!

Aiden and Aida playing!
Aiden is such a Hoot right now, and this it proof! :)
Lanna is having a blast too! she is quiet the little helper.

Here's just a couple that we took before we headed to IN.

I just love my Boy's!!!
Our little Pumpkin before his hair cut!

I'll try and keep updating while were here, I've gotta say it is wonderful having the net right at my finger tips!!! this is wonderful!
So when time allows I'll up date form the past few weeks and months while were here!
I'm off to talk to my Sweetheart on the phone, and then to get some much needed sleep!
Till tomorrow!!!!!