Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hot Frogs

I have just a few min. but I wanted to add this movie of Liam.
He loves to eat and is into telling us what it is that he is eating, Well tonight it was "Hot Frogs."
We just had to share it with you!
Were finally starting to get caught up. it seems like when your gone a few weeks that it's months and months that your away. not just a few weeks.
But to top all the getting into the swing of things I have really bad spring fever. So I've been Spring Cleaning as we go. It's kinda nice to have it all done. but once all the snow is gone I'll probably want to do it all over a gain! Oh Well!

Thanks everyone for your prayers, Mom is each day growing stronger. and is able to do a little more!

I just want to thank you girls who have blogs that I keep up with. When I get a chance to get on the net your blogs always encourage and challenge me. and there are also days when they make me laugh! Thanks!!

Here's Liam~

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Home sweet home!

Were home!!!
We arrived safely on Friday evening. The trip was great. unlike the trip there with it's snow and ice.
Valentines Day was wonderful. A big breakfast at home and then we went out for a date and late lunch, we love Mexican it was spicy hot! and just enjoyed being together!!! And I also got a beautiful Sapphira ring. I just love it!

I know that some of you are sill praying for my Mom, She has been to the Dr. every day this week. She is feeling good but her pulse is fast. They did a EKG yesterday and were still waiting the test results for that. It may just be that he body is taking it's good ol time to heal.
Please pray that if something is really still wrong that the Dr.s would find it today.

Liam loves that we rent on a farm. every day there is something going on that he thinks that needs to be a part of. like this picture he had climbed up into the window so that he could watch Mr. Paul load marshmallow bails on to a truck.

What fun it is to have little Blessings to keep us busy!
Have a great day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well I'm happy to share that my hubby says that "we have to stay!"
The weather in MD. is icy and the wind is blowing people off the road, so we are here for another day! Mom was excited to hear the news. ;)
The kids are back up and running on full steam again. they were feeling a little yucky at the beginning of the week!
So were off for another day of fun at Papa & Gammy's as Liam calls them!
Have a blessed day

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Going home!

Well our time in IN. is coming to an end.
Part of me is ready to be with Jon, but the other part of me still feels like I'm needed here.
O well! Cayla is going to fill in for me now!
Mom is doing good and she learning more each day about what she can and can't do.
Today was an Ok day. she's not sleeping well and so her days seem long.
Please pray that she starts sleeping better. so that her strength increase. also so her body will heal quicker.

So were off to chilly MD. Jon said that the electricity was out and there were trees down every where on the way home from church cause of the wind, but he called a little later and said that they were back on!!!!
So I guess were going to head out about 9ish.
So until I can get to a computer again our blog will be a little boring. I'll try to update once a week, but with no net at home it gets a little crazy to get to church to update.
Have a blessed week and I'll do my best to keep y'all updated on Mom in the weeks to come.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just another day!

We had a great day, but a busy one.
It's so neat to see family and friends drop by, call, send countless notes to encourage Mom.
The Lord has given my parents many friends to bless the sock off of Mom. and thats so what they have done this week!
What a faithful prayer team we had behind all that has happened in the last week.
But even more so a Faithful God who saw fit to have things go as well as they are.
The kids and I will be here in IN. for just a few more days. it's been great to be here to help out.
Then it's back to every day life of meal planning, cleaning house, Cloth diapering and with that comes doing laundry, trying to keep up with two very busy little ones. and our ministry at church. witch I'm missed so much while I've been gone!
Growing up I knew that Mom was ALWAYS busy, but I never knew with what till Liam arrived. and now even more so with Lanna!
What a job I have as a wife... mother... daughter... keeper.... and oh so many more. I praise the Lord that He is right there all the time to lead the way down the path that He deems is best!
Well I'm off for now. The kids are in bed and it's about time for a nice hot Steamer, and a long chat with my Hubby! ( I'm about to go crazy missing him so badly.)
Good Night!

Today !

Good Morning!
Today is Mom's 2nd full day home and she is doing good.
The Dr'. put here on lots of Red meats and green leafy foods, so it's been fun for Cayla and I to see what we can come up with for her to eat!

And I just heard that she is ready for her shower, so I'll back later!

Monday, February 9, 2009

How Great are you Lord!

So what do you blog about when your patient is not so sick any more? I'm just not sure!
Today was a great day. Mom rested well and she is learning how much she can do.
I never knew that Black and Blue had so many different shades to them. But I'm thankful that it's going away so quickly!
I'm realizing how hard it is to take care of Mom and the Kids and the house all that the same time!
Whewwwww. I'm so thankful that Cayla had the week off to help out with everything. She is a great worker. and their church family is helping out with the meals the rest of the week. so that well help out greatly!
Mom has received lots and lots of cards and notes of encouragement. she has looked over them lots of times to day, What a neat ministry they have been to her.

All day long I've had the song that Pete Bray sang at our wedding " How Great Are You Lord."
That is so what He is, not cause Mom is on the road to recovery, but that "He just is"!
What an awesome God we have.
Have great night!

Thanks for your prayers.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday # !

Hey everyone,
Mom is on her way home right now!!!!
What a week we've had. The Lord is so good.
I'll update you on her progress in the next few days.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

This week we had the kids pix taken and so I thought we'd share them with you!

Sat. #3

Great News!!!
I just got a report that the Dr.'s said that if her Cat scan goes well tomorrow morning that she will be able to come home tomorrow afternoon, or Monday morning!
We are Praising the Lord for His healing hands and what He's brought he through this week.
She still has a really long road ahead, but we are excited that she will be able to be here at home.
I'll keep you posted as to when the Home coming will be.
Till then I'm going to go clean like crazy and make this house germ free!
Have a great day!

Prayer request...
* Cat scan will come back clear.
* Rest this afternoon & tonight.
* That she will stay healthy, and Cold free!

Thanks so much!

Sat. #2

Mom is doing great!
The Meds. worked their way through and she is doing Great!!!!!!
All her tubes are out and she was having lunch!
Whewwwww. what a morning.
The Lord us so good!
Thanks for Praying.

Sat! #1

Good Morning!
I got a call early this morning form my sisters asking for prayer for Mom.
To keep it short in the night, as planned her medicine ran out that was going to her heart. and so to help with the pain they gave her a new med. well it made her really sick.
the meds. are a 6 hour med. so till about 1pm the meds will be in her system.
and then their going to try a new med. and then we'll see how she is really doing today.
Thats all I have for now. I'll update as soon as I get a new update!

Prayer request
* the Lord would give them wisdom on what meds to do next.
and that they wouldn't make her sick.
*For her to regain her strength after being so sick this AM.
*For my Dad and Sisters. They are tired and weary.
and that their strength and hope would come form the Lord.

Thanks so much!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday #2

Hello there!
Mom is doing great. I've talked to her several times today and each time she has been encouraged, Though tonight she was just a bit concerned. Her blood count has been low, and they talked about wanting to maybe do a blood transfusion. She really feels like that wouldn't be best.
Other then that she has been taking short walks, and eating reg. meals!
Her drain tube is still in, they are leaving it in still just to help out, but have said that it could come out soon!
I guess that's all for tonight.
Thank you for all your prayers, the Lord has her on the road to what seems right now, a quick recovery. He is so good!

Here is our prayer request for the night!
* her blood count would go up.
* her drain tube would come out.
* She would be able to rest better tonight.
*for my sisters as they travel home tomorrow to be with their families.

Thanks again!


Good Morning!
I haven't been able to get anyone there in Cleavland this morning so I don't have a new update.
But the last I heard last night was that she was resting well feeling more like herself!
I'll be away form the com. today so I'll update tonight!
Have a great day!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Blessings of the Lord!

I'm on the phone with Mom right now!!!!
Her prayer request is that her blood pressure goes up. it's just a bit low.
Other then that she is feeling really good! ( well as good as you can feel after you've just had heart surgery!)
Thank you for praying with me today. It's a blessing to know that your all coming to the Lord for us too!
Liam got to talk to Mom for just a second today and when we got off he said, "Gammy not sick!"
we have been praying that Jesus would help Gammy get better. It was so cute!
I'm off to relax and spend some time with the Lord.
Good night and I'll update first thing in the morning!

Thurs. Update # 2

God is so good!
Mom is doing great, and should be moved into her new room this afternoon.
They have decided to leave her drain tube in just for precautionary measures,
She is now on Tylenol rather then the Morphine (sp). and is doing better each time the family gets to go in to visit.
Thank you for your love and prayers.
I'll keep you posted.

Thurs. Update # 1

Good Morning!
I just got the call to start off our morning up dates.
She had a really rough night, no so much health wise, but another patient pass away in the night in the ICU and that was very traumatic for her.
So needless to say she is exhausted this morning.
They are hoping to take out the drain tube this morning.
Then after her 24 hours in ICU is up, and if all is well, they well move her into her next room out of ICU. I'm praying that she will be able to rest better there.
They did say that she is struggling with some nausea, so please pray for that.

Prayer Request for today...
*That she would rest well.
*For the nausea to go away.
*Continual healing.

Have a great morning!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Update #4 !

Hey everyone!
I just got the latest update on Mom!
The surgery was 100% a success. Praise the Lord!!!!
She is now in ICU. they got to take the breathing tube out around 7pm.
All the family has been into see her, they seemed encouraged, and my Dad was praising the Lord for the Dr.'s It was so sweet I almost cried. that was so good for me to hear, he's just not been "Dad" since we got here.
Please keep praying that her recovery goes as smooth as the surgery did.
We praise the Lord that she is doing good tonight!
I'll update you more in the morning~
Until then... Good Night.

Up Date #3

I just got a call from my family.
Surgery went great, and they were able to use the robotic arms to do the surgery.( the less invasive surgery!)
She did not need a valve replacement, they just repaired hers.
The Family will get to see her about 3pm.
She will be in ICU for about 24 hours, and then into a another room after that.
Before the surgery they had said that they hoped to have her out by like Sat. or Sun.
Please pray for a quick recovery. and that she will stay germ and cold free!
I'll keep you updated over the next few days as we know more!
We praise the Lord that He is the Great Healer .
We still covet your prayers in this long recovery process.

The Lord is Good!

Keep praying!

Mom got to go into surgery about 7:50 this morning.and all is well!
We just got an update a few min. ago and here it is.
The Surgery is taking longer then they thought and it's going to be about 3 pm that she gets out.
They said that everything is OK, but taking longer then they had planned.
Sorry this is so brief, It's all I know for now.

Please keep praying!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well our long awaited day is arriving. Mom's heart surgery is tomorrow. ( Wed Feb4th)
It seems just like yesterday that we were told that she would need surgery.
So our Blog is the prayer and update sight for my Mom!
My parents left on Sunday to get to Cleavland that evening so that they could check in to the Hospital on Monday morning.
They have met with all the Dr. s and those who would be doing the surgery.
Today they met with the Dr. who would be doing the surgery and he said that she has a 99% chance of being able to have the lest invasive surgery, ( through her Ribs, and not Open Heart.)
We are praying that she will be able to have the less invasive, and that she won't need to have her valve replaced. but just fixed.

Please Pray with us about...
*That Mom would sleep tonight!
*Peace for my Dad and Siblings.
*Wisdom for the Dr's.
*For the less invasive surgery.

Thats all for tonight,
They are to be at the Hospital at 5:15 am to get everything stared and Surgery is at like 7am.
I'll keep you updated hourly as I hear form my family there in Cleavland.
( Your probably wondering why I'm not there too! I stayed home with the little ones. )

Good Night!