Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well our long awaited day is arriving. Mom's heart surgery is tomorrow. ( Wed Feb4th)
It seems just like yesterday that we were told that she would need surgery.
So our Blog is the prayer and update sight for my Mom!
My parents left on Sunday to get to Cleavland that evening so that they could check in to the Hospital on Monday morning.
They have met with all the Dr. s and those who would be doing the surgery.
Today they met with the Dr. who would be doing the surgery and he said that she has a 99% chance of being able to have the lest invasive surgery, ( through her Ribs, and not Open Heart.)
We are praying that she will be able to have the less invasive, and that she won't need to have her valve replaced. but just fixed.

Please Pray with us about...
*That Mom would sleep tonight!
*Peace for my Dad and Siblings.
*Wisdom for the Dr's.
*For the less invasive surgery.

Thats all for tonight,
They are to be at the Hospital at 5:15 am to get everything stared and Surgery is at like 7am.
I'll keep you updated hourly as I hear form my family there in Cleavland.
( Your probably wondering why I'm not there too! I stayed home with the little ones. )

Good Night!

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