Friday, January 30, 2009

Fun times!

The Kids and I arrived here in IN. on Tuesday safe and sound after a very long and hard snowy trip from MD.
We were planning to leave on Saturday to travel here, but we were to get a bad snow/ice storm so we surprised Mom and Dad and arrived just a few days early!!!
Our time here has been so sweet. Getting to watch my Mom play and love on the kids has been so special for me.
In my heart I know that this surgery is major, but were trying to keep it... well lets just say on the not so bad side of things. But only the Lord knows the outcome of the surgery.
We are trusting His heart.
Mom's Surgery is this coming Wed. please pray as we pack and things that it will be a sweet time.
I'll update as we get updates!
We Covet your prayers at this time.

I've been spending some time on their computer and I found lots of old pix to share.
They remind me of how fast time goes by!

Hanging out with the cousins!
Lanna Joy at like 6 weeks old.
What a cutie!
Wow!!! What a Awesome Creator we have!
Taffy pulling at the Yoder's
Pull Mom!

This is so much fun to do. you start out with this blob and then you pull and twist and then you eat!!! It's yummy stuff! Hard to eat just one! ;)

Well I found a lot more pix to put on but this Mama is tired!
It's hard being away from Daddy for the kids but more so for me. I realize how precious your help mate is when your far way from him.
We love you Daddy and miss you so much!
Have a great night every one!

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Danielle said...

Great to hear your home already!! Hopefully I will catch you at church tomorrow and catch up a bit!! Love the pics as usual!! We will continue to pray for MAMA Zeigler, we love her very much and know that LORD will glorify himself through this experience...even though I understand the whole thing is very serious...I think that is when the LORD does his best work in us!!