Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hello and Happy New year!
We are home... whoooo. It's good to go way but boy is it good to come home.
Our time away went fast we were in IN. with Carra's family for thanksgiving. we'll use this update to blog about that and then we'll do GA. in just a few min!
We had a blast just being together.
People always ask about what we do when were gone and all we really say is that " we just hang out and visit and enjoy being together".
Thanksgiving Day was great with lots of yummy food and family.
We went to My Grandparents ( The Zeigler's ) for Brunch and then to my Aunt Earlene's for Dinner. It was so good to see everyone, it had been a year or so since we had seen some of them.
A neat added blessing is that we got to spent time with my cousin and her husband and their little girl who are over seas and were home for the holidays.We are very blessed. as we traveled home Jon and I reminisced about how blessed we are and all the things that the Lord has given us.
Wow. what an awesome God we serve!Well if I'm going to get the GA. trip in I need to get going.
Here's a few pix from IN.

The Whole Zeigler family!

The Cousins all 15!

Baby Creed

Each year the kids do the Christmas story and this year was the best yet.
We laughed and I think Grandma cried! I was so fun to watch the little ones kinda grasp what it might of really been like.

Mary and Baby Jesus

Everyone checking out the baby
The three cutest sheep ever!

Everyone but Ben. ( he was the narrator)

For Thanksgiving/Christmas Lunch my Mom loves to have us all that the same table. so this year we used 4, 6 foot tables and 3 high chairs to get us all at the table.
It was a sweet time we went around and told something that we were thankful for and then the men read some Bible verses that had to do with thankfulness.

Here is Elhanna with her Great Grandpa & Grandma Clouse.
Lanna is the 40Th great grandchild!
Special Cousin time. :)

Sometimes it feels like all we do is eat!!! But I don't think the Boys minded!

Lanna and Creed are about 4 months a part.
It was sweet to watch all the cousins play together.

The whole Budd Family!
We love you Papa and Mamaw. Thank you for a great Thanksgiving and Christmas in IN.

Since being home from IN. we have found out that My Mom Charlene needs to have heart surgery in the next few weeks or month.
Please pray that the Lord would get her into Cleavland to do the Surgery there.
We'll keep you updated on how she is doing.
and too pray for Jon, he will be home alone again while the kids and I head to IN to be with Mom at this time.

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