Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Swap Out: Flintstone Vitamins

 Wow!! Here is a Great blog that I found this week about Childrens Vitamins.
Please go check it out!!
Here's the Link
Swap Out: Flintstone Vitamins

You'll be amazed!
If you want more info on Shaklee Just let me know!!! :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Scour Off!

With our 4 kiddo's 5 and under we do lots and lots of coloring and art projects! and sometimes we just end up with projects in places that a Mama just might not want, like on the wall!
Here is a great example of our Shaklee product called Scour off

Oh Man!!

To All Better!

* Natural ingredients remove the toughest dried-on splatters and spills, burned-on grease, baked-on food, and sticky messes without hazardous chemicals or toxic fumes.
* Scour Off is made from natural mineral abrasives and biodegradable cleaning agents. It does not contain chlorine, bleach, or dye.

* Scour Off gently removes stains other cleansers can't and is great for cleaning tubs, ovens, sinks, and tiles.
* It will even remove rust, and is great for cleaning these surfaces: copper, grout, cement, ceramic, and imitation marble.
Wide-mouth jar makes it easy to use.
And it smells like Cherries! :)

I love too that it's...
* Nontoxic
* Natural abrasives (It's made from cherry pits)
* No harsh chemicals
* Biodegradable surfactants
* No phosphates

If you want to know more about it just let me know I'd love to chat with you! 


Shaklee Videos: Why Supplement?

 Come watch this great video about Supplements!
Shaklee Videos: Why Supplement?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Shaklee Tip!

Hope this post finds everyone doing wonderful!!!
We have had a great week; the Lord is working in little ways and Big ways to make His will know in our little family!
 It’s been super excited to see our new Shaklee business start to take off just a bit!
Oh, that’s something super exciting going on… We started selling Shaklee this past weekend. If you have never heard of Shaklee we are #1 in nutrition in the US. We have everything from cleaning supplies to weight loss products.
 I’m  learning quickly that all the products that I was using I thought were helping us be healthier are NOT really that good for us, Oh I have learned so much!!!

Here are just a few Biggies…  

*The wipes that we use at the church nursery every Sunday to wipe germs away, leave toxins on the toys! Yet, the reason were cleaning the toys is to help the germs not get passed around. But were putting toxins on the toys as we “Clean” them???? Hummm.  It really made me think.  

*And the vitamins that we give our kiddos just might have coal tar in them. And the reason we’re giving them to our kiddos is help them be healthy???  Yet another thing to really think about!

The Lord calls us to take care of our bodies. And so our goal is to rid our house of all chemicals, toxins, and just bad for you stuff, and move on to All Natural ones. It just may take me all year to do it as the $$$ comes in to do it. But our goal is to do it little by little!! 

We are going to start out in the kitchen first.  Out goes the dish soap, and dishwasher detergent…. I’ve been using vinegar to mop and things, so we’ll see how the change goes!  I’m excited!!! And with SPRING just around the corner, I’m so excited to use our new Shaklee products to get our home clean, but more so knowing that I truly am getting a “healthy clean home” for our family!
Then my plan is to move on to the bathroom! 
If you want more info on Shaklee you can email me at or find me on our Facebook Blog sight!. I'd love to help you out. or have you join my Shaklee team! 
Have a Blessed day!
Oh, and don't forget Monday we are starting our new Review and Giveaway! :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

And The Winner Is??

Thank you everyone so much for entering our Thank you giveaway!
It was so fun to read all your sweet comments on how you found our blog, or just a bit of encouragement for me!
And with great pleasure I want to share with you the winner of our giveaway is Angela Warstler!
Congrats. And thank you everyone who entered, Angela, I sent an email!
Come Monday we will be starting our Monthly product review and GIVEAWAY! J
I’m so thrilled with all that I have learned, and all the super fun things you can do with something so simple that Lord has given us. So do I have you guessing yet?

And with all that I’m learning with Shaklee I can’t wait to share a cleaning tip with you!  I will be doing a few cleaning tips each week to help you. With Shaklee you are ALWAYS… Safe Clean, Green Clean, Powerful Clean & Smart Clean! If you want more info on Shaklee just let me know, I’d be Happy to help you learn more. Or have you join me in learning how to help our families be healthier by joining my team!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Grace & Treasures

Giving grace to our children is on my heart today and the Lord has been using little things in my walk with Him to show me how much my children need grace. and how to give it to them each day.

Here is just one little tool to help me!

Do you tell your children that they are Treasures from the Lord??? We have been going out of our way to make sure that the children know that they are, and it's been fun to see how the Lord is working through just that little action  to help us encourage our kiddos.
I heard Lanna call her baby " Treasure" yesterday. and I asked her why she was calling her that. her reply was " Cause she is special to me and to God Mama."  Blessed this Mama heart of mine!
I'm praying for you as Mama's to give God's Sweet grace to your  "Treasures" today!

Oh, by the way do forget to enter for the giveaway, today is the last day to enter!!


Friday, February 15, 2013

Thank You Giveaway!!!

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey, and helping share our blog.
Here is our " Just For Fun" Giveaway
 One winner will receive a Travel Bible, Candle and Longaberger basket!!
Thank you for helping us share our blog.
Just use the rafflecopter below to enter!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

V~ Day Fun!

Good Morning!
I've having computer issues this morning, so I'm going to make this really short.
With a special Love Day tomorrow I'm so excited after school today to do some of these great ideas with the kiddos. you can find the link under each one!

Valentine Heart Button Craft for Kids
from pinterest

9 Homemade Valentine Ideas For Kids - The Kid's Fun Review
From Pinterest

Valentine’s gratitude tree - kid's Valentine idea

Have a delightful one, and  Love on your Family today!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Puppy Love!

This week Liam has finished school quickly so that he could play outside! He has just had a blast.
Here on the farm that we rent on there are several dogs that run around, and Rocky is Liam's favorite!
He is the sweetest most mild Chocolate lab I have ever met.
He and Liam are often found together just " Hanging Out" as Liam calls it. 

Here's some shots that I got this week as they were " Hanging Out".

Their the best of pals. and until we have a place of our own,  Rocky is a great dog to have around!


Monday, February 11, 2013

Simple Things!

This past weekend Hubby took us out for breakfast, and the kiddos thought that they NEEDED to wear they cowboy hats. normally I'd say no, but today they were just way too cute to say no!
What do you think? :)

Oh the Simple things in life! What "Joys and Treasures" they are from the Lord.
Take a moment to love on your kiddo's to day, and if your "Treasures" are all grown up, give them a call and love on them. Let them know that they still are your treasures, and gift from the Lord!
Have a blessed day!

Friday, February 8, 2013

New February Reads

THANK YOU!!! I'm just blown away by all the new " Likes " over on our Facebook page  and here on the Blog. we have just 5 new followers to go till we do a fun giveaway, so share away. :)

Winter is a great time for me to read, I often spend time tucked away in a nice bubble bath with my essential oils after the kiddos go to bed, and Hubby is working in the garage!
I've been so encouraged as I've read the truths from these books. just little reminders as a Mama when I get tired, and think the word just might cave in on me!

I would Highly recommend both of these books if you are in the season of life with little ones under tow. and a busy home. It's other then reading my Bible these two have been good friends to me this month!
I have blogged on "Loving the Little Years" before and if you want to read it you can go Here !
And for Desperate, I plan on sharing some thoughts on it in the near future as soon as I finish it up. :)

What are you reading right now that encourages your heart as a Mama? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
And if you have a blog post on it. leave us your link so we can come on over!!!
Have a Blessed Day!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Look Whats Here!

Look what arrived in my mailbox!!! I'm sooooo excited about the reviews to come!!! 
Here is just a sneak peak!

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Were Almost There!

 Good  Morning,
Wow!! You are just blessing my soul,  We have just  7 more followers to reach 50!!!! I'm so excited for you and all the fun that is to come. Lets see if we can reach 101! :)
I will start working on a "just for fun" giveaway today for when we reach 50 followers, and I'll let you in on a bit of the fun that is to come in the coming months.
We have Monthly giveaways planned, You read that right, MONTHLY!!!  for some awesome gifts. I'm so excited for the opportunity to do reviews for this Sweet Lady I met! and excited for you my great friends to be able to have these gifts in your home as well! :)
To my New Followers, Thank you for joining us! Grab a hot cup of tea and take a moment from your "Oh So Busy" day, to be encouraged and challenged to see what our Amazing God would have for us.
We'll have sweet simple fellowship, and learn more about how to help our families to be a bit more healthy, and just have fun together!
Thank you sweet Friends for helping me to reach our mark towards 50 followers and beyond!  May the Lord be glorified!

I just had to share our Sweet Quinn with you this  morning, What a sweet little Joy!