Friday, February 22, 2013

And The Winner Is??

Thank you everyone so much for entering our Thank you giveaway!
It was so fun to read all your sweet comments on how you found our blog, or just a bit of encouragement for me!
And with great pleasure I want to share with you the winner of our giveaway is Angela Warstler!
Congrats. And thank you everyone who entered, Angela, I sent an email!
Come Monday we will be starting our Monthly product review and GIVEAWAY! J
I’m so thrilled with all that I have learned, and all the super fun things you can do with something so simple that Lord has given us. So do I have you guessing yet?

And with all that I’m learning with Shaklee I can’t wait to share a cleaning tip with you!  I will be doing a few cleaning tips each week to help you. With Shaklee you are ALWAYS… Safe Clean, Green Clean, Powerful Clean & Smart Clean! If you want more info on Shaklee just let me know, I’d be Happy to help you learn more. Or have you join me in learning how to help our families be healthier by joining my team!

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