Saturday, February 23, 2013

Shaklee Tip!

Hope this post finds everyone doing wonderful!!!
We have had a great week; the Lord is working in little ways and Big ways to make His will know in our little family!
 It’s been super excited to see our new Shaklee business start to take off just a bit!
Oh, that’s something super exciting going on… We started selling Shaklee this past weekend. If you have never heard of Shaklee we are #1 in nutrition in the US. We have everything from cleaning supplies to weight loss products.
 I’m  learning quickly that all the products that I was using I thought were helping us be healthier are NOT really that good for us, Oh I have learned so much!!!

Here are just a few Biggies…  

*The wipes that we use at the church nursery every Sunday to wipe germs away, leave toxins on the toys! Yet, the reason were cleaning the toys is to help the germs not get passed around. But were putting toxins on the toys as we “Clean” them???? Hummm.  It really made me think.  

*And the vitamins that we give our kiddos just might have coal tar in them. And the reason we’re giving them to our kiddos is help them be healthy???  Yet another thing to really think about!

The Lord calls us to take care of our bodies. And so our goal is to rid our house of all chemicals, toxins, and just bad for you stuff, and move on to All Natural ones. It just may take me all year to do it as the $$$ comes in to do it. But our goal is to do it little by little!! 

We are going to start out in the kitchen first.  Out goes the dish soap, and dishwasher detergent…. I’ve been using vinegar to mop and things, so we’ll see how the change goes!  I’m excited!!! And with SPRING just around the corner, I’m so excited to use our new Shaklee products to get our home clean, but more so knowing that I truly am getting a “healthy clean home” for our family!
Then my plan is to move on to the bathroom! 
If you want more info on Shaklee you can email me at or find me on our Facebook Blog sight!. I'd love to help you out. or have you join my Shaklee team! 
Have a Blessed day!
Oh, and don't forget Monday we are starting our new Review and Giveaway! :)

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