Thursday, June 6, 2013

What Have I been up to?

This week has been full of little projects. Like... going through tubs of kids clothes in the basement to sell on our Garage Sale site. making cloth napkins, and who can for get laundry!
But I think my most favorite project of all was this one.
Here's my little story to go with it.
I love Pottery Barn Kids Quilts, I have for years, not so much for the name. but the quality of the quilts themselves. I had been watch this adorable set for a while now for the boys room. but I could never bring myself to spend $99. each for them.
I just love it.!
This weekend I got to go Garage Sales in a town nearby.  And guess what I found?  This adorable Queen size quilt for only $8. I originally bought it for Jon and I's bed. but after getting it home I didn't just " Love It " like I thought that I would.

So guess what ???? It got a make over and a new home.  The Boys Beds!

So I Cute it up the center and rolled down the two sides and pined it.

And  30 min later...there you have it!!! I love it.

 I never would have thought that I would like as much as the Pottery Barn ones. but you know what I DO! It's just what we needed to and all for $8. I'm going to make them some fun pillows out of the shams that came with in the near future. :)
So I guess the Thrifty side of me came out again. I can't help but praise the Lord for a good deal, and for a fun project for our boys. They just loved it. the back side is really soft. and Aiden loves that. :)
So there's my Quilt story for ya!

What have you been up to this week? I'd love to hear form you. :)
I'll try and post tomorrow about the cloth napkins that I got finished as well.
I'm starting a new journey for our family towards being a " Paper Free" Home. and I'll post on that in the very near future.

Till me meet again, Have a blessed day!


Monday, June 3, 2013

I'm Back!!!

After a much needed getaway to the beach and a few weeks off I'm back to blogging!
We have had a delightful few weeks so I wanted to share just a bit with you.
So next week we will be back to our Modest Mondays and Thrifty Thursdays.

 We went to see my Dear Sister in~law and Brother in~law. Rachel in Dwayne in SC.
It was a much, much need time of relaxing and just family time.
We cherish each time that we get to be with them. We just can't get enough.

The Kiddos love being with them. It's lots of lovin and huggin.
Looking forward to the days when we can be together with "Aunt Achel and Uncle Dane".
(Aunt Rachel & Uncle Dwayne)
We Spend lots of time Enjoying Folly Beach!!

Lanna met a new friend  "Maymay" She was a Sweetie. it was fun for Lanna to have a little Girls Friend to play with!

Just down the beach from us some guys were building an awesome sand castle and so they let the kiddos join in the fun. It was huge by the end of the day. the Kiddos had a blast.

 We also got to go to a Fire Safety Expo. It was a really good time for the Kiddos to learn about fire safety! they had a blast getting to climb on the fire truck!

You have heard my talk about Life Action the Ministry that Jon and I traveled with before we were married.
On our way home to got to stop in NC. and visit precious friends that we traveled with, and meet their 5 precious Kiddos. It was way, way to short of a visit, but it was so good to be together with the Wallace's!!!

Our nice little "Timer" Shot of all of us!

We had such a good time. we hated for our little time away to be over. but looking forward to doing it again REALLY soon. Each time we head South it calls our name a little louder. We need us some Southern Living!!!

Have a Delightfully Blessed Day!
Excited to share more with you about my time away.
Until tomorrow,