Sunday, June 27, 2010

New blog I just found!

Hey Girls!
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just a little bit of everyday life

Good Morning!
Just a little update and lots of pix.
It’s been a busy week with everything from Pepa and Mema visiting to a hospital run!
We loved our short time with Pepa and Mema, the kiddo’s just soaked
up every second they had with them. We loved having them here, we wish that there were less miles between here in GA. Or that Daddy could fly an airplane!
It’s so fun for me to see Jon and his dad together. Each time I see more and more of where Jon gets some of his wackiness from, I just love it!
We we’re sad to see our time end with them.
While they were loading up Lanna slipped and fell on our porch, and couldn’t walk on her right leg. I thought she just wanted to be held, and kind of put it off till later that afternoon, but soon I realized that she really couldn’t walk on it. ( I know I’m a bad Mama ) So off to the Dr. we went… then to the Hosp. for X-rays, and a splint.
On Wed. AM, We found out that it wasn’t broke, just sprained!!!
We Praise the Lord that’s all that it was.
This week holds well let’s see… that’s about it!!!! :)
It will be nice to have a down week. Before Bible School and things start up.
Well I’m off to Sunday school!

just hanging out!

we love you Pepa & Mema

Our Fathers Day trip

this is what Aiden thought of our day

our little hunter

In the Dr.s office! :(

Her splint was huge!

the way she got around all week!

Pepa and Mema these are for you!

Blowing kisses!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What we've been up too!

So sorry it's been a while!
My SD card died while we were in IN and so I just been a bit busy to go get one.
Everyone is doing great!
I have a question for you. What are we doing in this pix?
It was taken tonight at church!

The best guess wins!

Jon's Dad and Step Mama are coming in the morning for the week, ,So I'll be away for a few days.
Have a great week!