Monday, October 19, 2009

It's a ????

We are so thrilled to introduce to you the newest little Moorman.
We had a Ultra Sound today and we are 14 weeks along!
Our Little guy was not very shy about having his picture taken, so Yes we are having a BOY!!!!
We are so excited!

It's so amazing to me at 14 weeks He,( Oh thats so fun to say!!) is about 3 inches. I love Ultra Sounds, we could see everything! His hands, feet, the way he was opening up his little mouth, his heart beating. and all his wiggles...He is a very very busy little guy.
The Lord is so amazing.
They came up with the Due date of April 17th! we are so excited, knowing the date just make it seem like that much closer!!!
So for now thats it, we have a few video clips on our CD, but Daddy has to help me fig.out how to make it small enough to fit on here! so Lord willing they will be soon to come!
I off for now! have a great evening.


Genesa said...

Congratulations! Titus was born on April 14th.

aje said...

Wow! Another boy! Can't believe that you found out already at 14 weeks.

By the way, I wanted to give you a BIG THANKS for the letter and stickers you sent for Ella. Got them a few weeks ago and haven't sat down to write you yet. She LOVES stickers and would plaster the world with them if she could! Anyway, she wanted to put them on her new big girl bed, so thats where they live for now! Thanks again!

See you in before too long, huh???? :)

Sab said...

So exciting!

You are about 2 weeks further along than I am! Woo hoo, a little boy! I love ultrasounds!

I wont get mine till about 20 weeks. Sigh.