Sunday, January 27, 2008

It’s been a crazy week here in the Moorman house.
Everything from thermometers to children’s Tylenol we used it all once or twice.
You guessed it right; Liam has had the yucky virus going around our Church nursery.
But he seems to be all better, and back to his normal self again.
This week he amused us with his funny faces that he likes to make when he is eating.
He is becoming quiet a clown these days! (Just like his Daddy. ;) )
Even when he was sick he still loved to eat. It seems as though Apple Sauce is still his favorite food! We go through lots of it! I told Jon the other day that next year I needed to can or freeze apple sauce, because we’ll have two eating it next year!!

All is well with Jon and me. We are busy but good.

In our Christmas news letter I talked about how I was so behind on my scrap booking and that I really wanted to get it all done soon. With Liam being sick this week and sleeping so much I got almost all caught up! I’m so excited, and once we “Lord willing” find out what this baby is I’ll get started on those pages so that they will be all done before the baby gets here! And all I have to do is add the pix.

I should be going for now,
Have a Blessed and God filled week!

Here are some of those funny faces!
Oh, Liam what a fun blessing you are to Mama and Daddy,
We love you!

This afternoon after church he was so tired that we just got him out if his carseat and put him right into his bed!

Then this is what he wakes up like!!!

Have a very Blessed week!

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aje said...

Thanks for the great pictures! We've been using tylenol and thermometers here, too, but its been due to Ella's teething.

I've always thought that Liam looked more like Jon, but the last picture in the post looks shockingly like Collyn!!!