Saturday, January 19, 2008

Warm Winter wishes!

Hello Everyone!
It’s a chilly day here in MD. So we thought that we would warm your hearts with some new pictures of Liam from the past few weeks!
Things are going well here.
Liam turned 10 months on the 1st and is in to everything, like opening up cabinets and just looking inside, he hasn’t pulled anything out yet but I’m sure that it’s soon to come!
His latest accomplishment is standing alone, he just stared last week. We don’t have a picture if it yet cause as soon as I get the camera out he grabs for it and falls over.
But very soon he well be off and running. Mama’s not ready for that yet :(
We had a Dr.’s appointment a few weeks ago for the baby and we got to hear the heart beat for the first time. It’s so amazing you would think after hearing Liam’s so often we would be tired of hearing it. But nope there is no way that we will ever grow tired of that little whooshing sound. Before we got to hear the heart beat it wasn’t a reality that we were pregnant, (besides the whole sick part for me.) But then getting to hear the heart beat brings everything to reality. How can anyone say that there is “No God” and have a baby? Just to have this Lil` Blessing growing inside me is amazing.
We’re 14 weeks today! The past weeks have gone by so fast. In a book that we have it’s says that the baby is about the size of my fist. It’s so hard to believe that Lil.One is that big already! And anytime now I could feel the first few movements!! With Liam we were about 15 ½ weeks along that I first felt him move, and about 22 weeks when Jon could feel him move, so we’ll see with this one!

Have a blessed week!

Oh So sorry about the red eyes, I forgot to change them on the cam. before I took them off for the blog! :(

Liam thought that it was fun to try Mama's boots on!

Our Little Monkey! he loves to clim on anything that he can find!

Crawling was hard a few months a go, now I'm a Prow!!!

This week Liam has started carring thing around in his mouth like a puppy when he crawls!

Our Big Boy!
We love you Liam!


aje said...

Thanks so much for the great pictures! Liam is SO cute! I wish he and Ella could play together. I know they'd have so much fun!

I hope you are feeling much better now. I am sure I will feel the same as you when #2 comes around. I loved being pregnant, I felt so great and I was continually in awe of how great God is his awesome plan for motherhood is!


MomII said...

We love seeing these BEAUTIFUL pictures of these BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! We enjoy hearing what is going on with the 3 (almost 4) of you!