Saturday, March 27, 2010

Resurrection week!

Sorry we're having computer issues this morning. so all my pix loaded first, and it's all text so I'm not sure where to add the info for each pix, so you'll just have to look! I'm sorry!

Good Morning! It's so hard to believe that Resurrection week is here already. What a joyous time of the year for us, and for me it all has New meaning because of what the Lord did in my life last fall!
I'm so grateful to the Lord for where He brought me from and where He is taking me.
This has been a very busy week for us, getting ready for the Baby and Daddy has been sick so we've tried to stay quite most of the week, so needless to say the kids are ready for some fun.

Friday we set out to get all our Easter Decorations out. it was fun to watch Lanna's expressions as we pulled all the eggs and grass out. She didn't like to touch the grass at first. she just wrinkled up her little nose and walked away,but had a hard time staying away cause of all the fun Bubby was having!
The Weather has been very Spring like this week with rain here snow there. Oh,well we know that the Warm weather can't be too far away!:)

Just 3 weeks till Baby A's due date. I've been having really good Contractions off and on for about a week now, But were praying that He'll just stay put till his due date or a few days ofter cause of all the chest colds and things that are going on. But the Lord knows when He'll make his big entrances!
Here's just a few pix of the kids as we decorated the Egg tree!

Have a blessed week!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Where is your Joy?

Before I head home to my little family, for our family movie night.

I was thinking this week a lot about "Joy" and where mine comes from.

Here is just some of mine!

I'd love to hear from you about where Your Joy comes from.

We're back!

Finally an update from the long lost Moorman's!
It's been a crazy past few weeks.
We have been in deep thought and prayer over a house that we thought that the Lord may of had for us, But with much much prayer and seeking guidance we have decided that's not whats best for our family at this time. but we'll seek the Lord on what He deems is best.
Thank you to all our family for lifting us up in prayer through this time of seeking the Lord.
We are so thankful that we serve a God that never leaves us in the dark too long and that HE knows whats best for His children in the end!

But without much undue her is some pix of the last few days of the kiddo's!
Sorry Grandparents, that it's been so long.

Spring has finally come to MD. and we are loving it!
Can't you tell by their faces. :)
I just love this one.

Liam out for a walk in our woods.

Checking out the last little bit of snow.

Yesterday we did a little yard clean up. I just love this time of year.
(Oh, I forgot to take any belly pix this weeks so here is our 36 week pix.)

With the weather being so nice we had our first picnic out at church with Daddy, the grass was way too wet, so we sat in the parking lot!

With just 4 weeks to go till our Due date we started getting out all the baby stuff for Baby A.
The kids had a blast, Lanna is still not sure whats going on cause "she's the Baby" or so she thinks!

My little helpers getting the swing all set up!

The cool thing about this swing is that it came from a Garage sale last fall for $5. and it was never used! I was so excited to find it for such a great deal, thanks Lord!

With Cloth diapering we go through lots and lots of wipes and so I set out to make some this time. and My nursing cover from the other 2 was shot so I really wanted to try and make a new one. but wasn't to sure how too.
Here's what we started out with!
3 yards of fab. and a little instruction from my sister.
and lots and lots of help from the kiddo's

and this is what we came up with, and great nursing cover and...
and 12 wipes and 2 burp cloths. and the black and white check this is a sling that I made too. once I stared sowing I just couldn't stop!

So now this week it's time to pack the bag for the Hosp. and set up his little bassinet.
I think I'm getting into the "nesting" stage, cause all I want to do is Clean and organize. but do I have the energy to do it all nope! so I'll just get done what I can!
Have a blessed week!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Look who's 3

This past Monday our little boy turned 3!!!!
It seems like just yesterday it was his birth that we were waiting on.
He is a sweet and outgoing, crazy little blessing. and we thank the Lord for 3 years of raising Liam for His Glory and look forward to many many more years.

He is all into Knights right now. he can get enough of them.

Here's my little Knight and his horse.
Happy Birthday to our Little man and Pray that the Lord would shine His face brightly on Liam this coming year.

A few weeks late!

Well as promised here is our Valentines Day Fun pix.
It all started with Lanna and I's Sushi Date with Daddy.
We had a blast. and the sushi was to Die for!

Drum sticks or chop sticks?

This makes my mouth water just looking at it.

Sissy in her V day dress.

On Valentines Day we did a little family party after the kids got up from their naps.
It all started with their cards from the grandparents.

Then on to decorating cupcakes!

The Kids had a blast.

and then on to some little gifts that we got them.

And more sweets.

Lanna and her silly little smile. If you say " Smile" this is the one you'll get!
The End!

We had a blessed day remembering His awesome Love for us and the Joy that He brings into our lives.
So that was our Valentines Day. I'll post more here in just a min. so hold on Gmas.