Sunday, March 21, 2010

We're back!

Finally an update from the long lost Moorman's!
It's been a crazy past few weeks.
We have been in deep thought and prayer over a house that we thought that the Lord may of had for us, But with much much prayer and seeking guidance we have decided that's not whats best for our family at this time. but we'll seek the Lord on what He deems is best.
Thank you to all our family for lifting us up in prayer through this time of seeking the Lord.
We are so thankful that we serve a God that never leaves us in the dark too long and that HE knows whats best for His children in the end!

But without much undue her is some pix of the last few days of the kiddo's!
Sorry Grandparents, that it's been so long.

Spring has finally come to MD. and we are loving it!
Can't you tell by their faces. :)
I just love this one.

Liam out for a walk in our woods.

Checking out the last little bit of snow.

Yesterday we did a little yard clean up. I just love this time of year.
(Oh, I forgot to take any belly pix this weeks so here is our 36 week pix.)

With the weather being so nice we had our first picnic out at church with Daddy, the grass was way too wet, so we sat in the parking lot!

With just 4 weeks to go till our Due date we started getting out all the baby stuff for Baby A.
The kids had a blast, Lanna is still not sure whats going on cause "she's the Baby" or so she thinks!

My little helpers getting the swing all set up!

The cool thing about this swing is that it came from a Garage sale last fall for $5. and it was never used! I was so excited to find it for such a great deal, thanks Lord!

With Cloth diapering we go through lots and lots of wipes and so I set out to make some this time. and My nursing cover from the other 2 was shot so I really wanted to try and make a new one. but wasn't to sure how too.
Here's what we started out with!
3 yards of fab. and a little instruction from my sister.
and lots and lots of help from the kiddo's

and this is what we came up with, and great nursing cover and...
and 12 wipes and 2 burp cloths. and the black and white check this is a sling that I made too. once I stared sowing I just couldn't stop!

So now this week it's time to pack the bag for the Hosp. and set up his little bassinet.
I think I'm getting into the "nesting" stage, cause all I want to do is Clean and organize. but do I have the energy to do it all nope! so I'll just get done what I can!
Have a blessed week!


Genesa said...

Great Job! I'll be praying your last weeks are quick and comfortable! So exciting!

Anna said...

Hey Guys!

I love all the pics of the kiddos. And I am SO glad spring is here in Garrett County.

Sorry to hear about the house not working out at this time, but you are right, God will provide what's best, when it's best. :)

See you guys at church!


Sab said...

We are planning on heading over the border this weekend and since fabric is so much cheaper (less than half the price it is here) I was thinking of buying some to make a nursing cover... and maybe some wipes and things. What fabric do you suggest, and do you think you could tell me how you made your cover? That would be awesome!

And WOO HOO on the swing! That is an awesome deal!