Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fun stuff

Hey there!
I'm on the fun giveaway hunt again and I found a great one if you have little ones!
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have a great evening!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lets get this Blog Party on!

Hey there!
Welcome to our blog.
I'm so excited about the party. if your new to our blog I'm a stay at home cloth diaper,baby wearing mama and pastors wife with 2 little ones who loves to say home!
Check out our blog. I'd love to chat!
There are so many cool prizes to be won at this year’s Ultimate Blog Party, but my picks would be.
#58 -- Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer Provided by: Moms Who Think

**#1 -- $100 gift certificate to either Pedal Cars and Retro or A Rocking Horse To Love Provided by: 5 Minutes for Mom**

#19 -- $50 gift certificate to Target Stores Provided by: Shoot-Me-Now
#89 — $100 gift card to HomeGoodsProvided by: HG Openhouse

#85--Decorative Pillow, Country Primitive Style, Says “Family” Provided by: Beautiful2God**

Have a great day!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Give them Roots

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You know that we love to wear our babies, here is a fun giveaway!
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The Simple things!

The Kids and I have loved the Spring like weather the past few days.
We've spent every waking moment outside. Poor Daddy has to sit inside in his office.

The Heavenly Fathers first flowers for me this year!
I love it! The Lord's wonderful laundry service! The sun bleached all my winter stained cloth diapers. No more yucky stains!

Our first picnic in the yard. Lanna was eyeing Liam's Pizza!

Gotta it! Just love her hair, this is what happens with no barrette.

Liam was checking out some bread that we fed to the birds.
I just love the barn boots!

I have a Mama Confession to share.
The other day when we were out in the yard I was hanging the diapers out. Liam was playing and I heard the fence near the cow pasture make noise and thought to my self "I need to check on Liam". so when I did I found Liam in the pasture running towards the cows. So in my Mama panic yelling at the top of my lungs "Laim Stop!!!" He thought that I was playing and so he ran faster!! the cows were running towards him and I was about at my wits end. I climbed the fence and landed in a cow pile, and lost my shoe. Needless to say I did catch him before the cows, but my heart was beating so fast that I thought that I was going to faint and I wanted to cry!
O, the things that make my every day so interesting.
So thats my confession. I hope it made you smile!
Have a great night!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Diaper Rash, Can you help us?

This is a strange post, But I'm desperate.
Lanna has relay bad diaper rash. We used a disposable diaper last week instead of our normal cloth, and it gave her a little rash then, but now she's raw. It may have something to do with her getting teeth too.
We've tried "Desiten" "A&D" Corn starch. nothing seems to be working.
Is there anything that you like, that you would suggest we try using?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh Yea!

One more thing...
We changed the name of our blog, to A Shade Different.
When we started our blog we just put it under our names. but now that we know just a bit more we thought that it would be fun, and we are to be a Different Shade( color) then this world that we live in!
Good Night, or should I say Good Morning?
See ya!

Spring is in the air!

Spring is almost here and this past week we've really enjoyed the sunny days.
Liam learned how to pedal his trike!
He loved playing in the dirt!
Lanna loved her new Hat! Mama does too!

Just one more sweet pix.
Lanna is on the go. the other day I put her down in their room, and she was gone.
Guess where she is?

Under Her Crib!
Well I'm off for now. It's about 6:30 am and I'm not typing well and it's clean up time for the teens.
Have a Blessed Day!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Fun with Liam

2 whole hours... :)
I know your laughing but 2 hours is a big deal for me to be on the web. With not having the net at home I try to find time once in our week to be able to get on and ... well I have to say it... relax!
It's so encouraging for me to be able to get on and see what the Lord is doing in others lives and also to update pix for the Gmas that live far away.
So why 2 hours?
We are doing our winter teen Lock-in tonight and everyone is on a Video Scavenger hunt and Lanna is sleeping and so I got to stay here at church!!!! :)
So I'm updating!!!!

Liam had his first Dinest app. this past week. The dentest is one of our really good friends and so Liam was reallly excited to see Dr. Jay at work.

He did really good.

here's some pix.

Waiting our turn!

Mama how does this work?

I have to brush how many times a day?

The other day I made Jon and I Mocas and Liam wanted to try, so we made him a little steemer.

It was so cute to watch him. Once he got done. " More Please" is what we heard!

I love it!
Well thats it for now. I'll got on a latter and put more pix on!

2 whole hours!!!

I'm so excited about this blog check it out.
I'm going to tell all our teen girls about this tonight at our lock-in.
I'm having a blast on the blog tonight. I have about 2 hours just to blog!!!! I'm so excited.
I'll probably post a few times as I find new fun blogs that I'd love to share with y'all.
And yes Gmas I'll post pix of the kiddos too!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Liam Ross

It's been 2 years now that our first little blessing arrived into this world. it's so hard to believe that it's been that long already.

As promised here are pix from his little party.

I know your thinking... Wow!!! what a tractor, but I got a really really good after Christmas sale price that I couldn't pass up! like 75% off!

Daddy deco. his cake!

From baby to little boy. ALL Boy!!!!!!
We love you Liam Ross!
Well thats it for now,I'll try to get on later and put more pix for the Gmas!
Have a blessed week!

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Check this out!!!

Hey there!
Here is a fun give away but you have to get on today!!!
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

Today is Liam's 2nd Birhtday!
We had a little party and an Elmo cake.
I'll try to post pix this week.
With turning two he got to go to his new sunday school class. he had so much fun. and said that he learned about "Jesuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus" with a big smile!
What a fun blessing our church family is to us.
Have a great week!