Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Simple things!

The Kids and I have loved the Spring like weather the past few days.
We've spent every waking moment outside. Poor Daddy has to sit inside in his office.

The Heavenly Fathers first flowers for me this year!
I love it! The Lord's wonderful laundry service! The sun bleached all my winter stained cloth diapers. No more yucky stains!

Our first picnic in the yard. Lanna was eyeing Liam's Pizza!

Gotta it! Just love her hair, this is what happens with no barrette.

Liam was checking out some bread that we fed to the birds.
I just love the barn boots!

I have a Mama Confession to share.
The other day when we were out in the yard I was hanging the diapers out. Liam was playing and I heard the fence near the cow pasture make noise and thought to my self "I need to check on Liam". so when I did I found Liam in the pasture running towards the cows. So in my Mama panic yelling at the top of my lungs "Laim Stop!!!" He thought that I was playing and so he ran faster!! the cows were running towards him and I was about at my wits end. I climbed the fence and landed in a cow pile, and lost my shoe. Needless to say I did catch him before the cows, but my heart was beating so fast that I thought that I was going to faint and I wanted to cry!
O, the things that make my every day so interesting.
So thats my confession. I hope it made you smile!
Have a great night!


Karen @Snakes-Snails-Puppydogtails said...

Cute pictures! Love the barn boots! I should get some for my boys instead of having all the mud in my house!
I'm so glad I found your blog. I'll link to you on mine!

Khordaddy said...

Hey, great blog! Found ya thru UBP. Love the pictures, especially the one with your little on in the boots and orange pants!

Sab said...

Wow! That would terrify me! We live right next to our dairy barn (I mean RIGHT next to. 10 steps and you are there) and I'm trying desperately to get things going so I have our yard a little bit blocked off (privacy too of course) as we now have a baby girl!
Those pics are adorable. Our ground is still covered in the white stuff.