Sunday, March 15, 2009

Diaper Rash, Can you help us?

This is a strange post, But I'm desperate.
Lanna has relay bad diaper rash. We used a disposable diaper last week instead of our normal cloth, and it gave her a little rash then, but now she's raw. It may have something to do with her getting teeth too.
We've tried "Desiten" "A&D" Corn starch. nothing seems to be working.
Is there anything that you like, that you would suggest we try using?


Genesa said...

I've heard of using tea tree oil and olive oil. I can't remember if it's equal parts or not. With cloth diapering the other thing that helps is to change her alot (but you probably know that!) I hope she gets better soon! We had problems w/ that w/ Titus so I know what it's like.

A Different Shade said...

Thanks Genesa!
I'll look into the oils.
She is doing a bit better. I've been putting just in a prefold and that seems to be helping.

golonghorns said...

Saw you from the ultimate blog party and surfed over. Saw this post and thought I'd share a little info. Sometimes the rash is yeast so use an antifungal cream like lotriman you can find a generic at target, wal-mart. I have gotten a sample from my doctor office for a cream Dr. Smith's. I love it but it's pricey. It has zinc, lanolin, beeswax, mineral oil, olive oil, parafin, petrolatum, purified water and thymol iodide. Not sure what the last ingredient is but it is a great barrier for the skin. Hope this helps. Blessings!