Thursday, March 17, 2011

Changes & Spring Cleaning!

This week has been a bit crazy! been looking around for ways to help organize our family room and we've been praying about getting a new TV and new LCD TV Stands. Just so we could have Family Movie Night and not have to watch it on Daddy's Computer. or our old TV and DVD player.
So with all the changes of our home this is where I'm working right now.

What are you up to for spring cleaning this year?
I've began our cleaning with all the closest, it's been really good for me to rid out all the things that we haven't thought about.
And so with all that cleaning out comes a Garage Sale! I'm sooo ready to get that every growing Huge pile out of the basement. so some weekend here soon it all will go!

Have a Blessed day.
Find just a little way to Bless someone today. Maybe paying for the next persons coffee, or just making an effort to show a little extra love to your Hubby.
or spending just a little longer with your kiddo's at book time.
It will bless your heart!