Thursday, December 6, 2012

You do know what causes this?

Good Morning!
I'm on a bit of a soap box, so hang on!
This morning when I was at Wal~mart with all 4 kiddos a lady came up to me a said " You do know what causes this?" while looking at my very full cart of kiddo's.
 I wanted to " Really" share what was going through my head and heart at that minuet. but I didn't. I held my tongue and just smiled, and pushed my buggy on down.
 But after I simmered down a bit, I realized that I missed a opportunity to share what a Joy and Blessing our Little Ones really are. and the TRUE Gift they are from the Lord.
Ahhhhh, I just need to get that off my heart. thanks reading on. :)

So with all that said, I just had to share our Babies with you,

Our precious CRAZY boys~
                                                          Our Sweet Little Lady!
                                                And our, YUMMY Little Mr.~
 And YES! we do know what "causes" this! :)
Have a Blessed day!
And always be ready to share about the Creator who gave you your Sweet Treasures!
I will be next time. :)