Friday, May 29, 2009

What do you think?

It was about time to get me hair trimmed and so I thought that I would be a "Thrifty Wife"and save $25 and do it myself!
I put the Kids down for their naps and knew that I had about 2 hours it get in done.
So after a few different tries of different lengths this is where I stopped for now.
Jon really likes it and it's so east for me with two very busy little ones!
What do you think?


So now I have $25 dollars to spend else where or just save!
Well this needs to be the end of my blogging for today.

I have so much more to share. but Daddy is home with the kids and it's his day off and we have a Date Night tonight. so I need to home so that he can have a bit of down time .

Have a blessed day!



Genesa said...

I REALLY like it! It looks great! Good job!

aje said...

Looks really cute, Carra! Have you ever had your hair this short before? You did a good job!

Sab said...

Looks great! You are a braver woman than I!

Carra said...

Not this short,
But I really like it, but it's Just a bit too short to stay in a tight pony tail. Oh Well!

Danielle said...

It looks great, especially for doing it go girl!! I think it even looks curlier with some of the weight off the ends???? Hopefully you can gel it and go since it's shorter??? Good Job!!