Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Muddy good time!

Mud any one?

Liam had a great time playing the other day, so much so that I called Daddy home from the office to come see him!

Have a great day!


Danielle said...

OH my!!! I could not stop laughing and smiling the whole time I was watching him!!!! YEP that's definately boys for ya...although I don't think my Julia would hesitate for more than a few seconds herself!!! Glad you caught him in the act with some footage to remember that moment...How sweet!!

Sab said...

That is TOO CUTE! Awww! I love that! He is absolutely adorable... yeah... go play in puddles is an opening to a messy kid! I remember the puddles we had such fun in as kids... sigh...

Oh, to see what it'll be like with our own children!