Thursday, May 14, 2009

Garage Sale Finds Week # 2

Today we were blessed with a wonderful day to Garage Sale!
It was so beautiful out and it was warm, unlike the past few days.
Remember how a few days ago I said that all we really needed to find was winter coats for the kiddo's? Well to make a long story short the Lord provided them both this week before we even got to the sales this weekend! It was such a huge blessing!
He's so good!
So today I was just out to have fun, We got great deals, To day was Liam's day!
He doesn't really need anything else for the year but maybe a few things like socks!! we got it, shoes and all!
Lanna got a few dresses and I got a skirt and a few t's .
It was a great day!!!
And all for about $38.00 I was so excited.
Here's some pix.
On the way home we stopped at my grandparents, I just love them. What a blessing they are!
Well the kids and I are on the way home tomorrow, about noonish.
It's been a great blessing to be here, but it's so very much time to go home! I miss my hubby so very much.
Have a blessed week!
I just love that little girl!

Great G&G Clouse

Our finds for the day!
Daddy's office,& Decor.

All the other goods. See all Liam's all in the back right!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. It's been fun seeing all your big buys at the garage sales. I think it's in our "Budd" blood. We all love garage sales.
-Twila W.

Carra said...

I think so too!:)
Thanks for keeping up with us!!

Sab said...

Ooh, so many clothes!

I managed to swing by a few in our neighborhood yesturday and picked up a sleeper, a 3 pc cute dress outfit, and a pair of jeans (all different sizes for through the year) for my munchkin for a total of $2. I'm looking forward to the big community ones coming up next month!