Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Muddy good time!

Mud any one?

Liam had a great time playing the other day, so much so that I called Daddy home from the office to come see him!

Have a great day!

Friday, May 29, 2009

What do you think?

It was about time to get me hair trimmed and so I thought that I would be a "Thrifty Wife"and save $25 and do it myself!
I put the Kids down for their naps and knew that I had about 2 hours it get in done.
So after a few different tries of different lengths this is where I stopped for now.
Jon really likes it and it's so east for me with two very busy little ones!
What do you think?


So now I have $25 dollars to spend else where or just save!
Well this needs to be the end of my blogging for today.

I have so much more to share. but Daddy is home with the kids and it's his day off and we have a Date Night tonight. so I need to home so that he can have a bit of down time .

Have a blessed day!


Memorial Day!

On Memorial Day week~end we had a huge Garage Sale it went well but then biggest Highlight was getting to go camping with friends of ours the Masseys.
Liam left on Friday afternoon and had a blast.
Daddy Ellie and I arrived on Sunday afternoon after church.
We had a blast, I think the best thing about camping is Eating!!! it seemed like all we did. :)
It rained for about an hour and it was just a bit crazy, but boy it added to the fun of the whole camping fun!
We praise the Lord for such great friends and a great time to enjoy His creation.
Were already looking forward to our next camping trip in our woods in the next few weeks!

Liam and Carter ready for the trip home!

Sleeping in the tent!

Stake any one?
Who can go camping without a good water fight?
Rain Rain Go Away!
Part of rain is the Puddles that it leaves to play in!
the Kids had a blast.

Lanna had just enough camping for one weekend!
So that was our Camping weekend!
Can't wait to go again!

I'm Back!!

Were are home and boy do I have a lot to blog about, so I'll do it in a few post just so I can upload more pix for you Gma's to enjoy!

Here is my Loving my Hubby Friday fun!
When I got home he had the house spotless and cause we were away for Mother's Day he was all ready to shower me with fun gifts.
He is the Greatest Blessing to me. I praise the Lord for a very Talented hubby!

The First thing was in the Garage!
A new Wheelbarrow and houses!!
I was so excited, I really been needing them to keep up with our Garden and Yard.

Then they led me back into the house for the next two.
Pen and Ink Portraits of the Kids!
When I saw them I teared up the pix look so much like the kids I was amazed!
I just loved them!

I just Love my Hubby and Praise the Lord for my Sweetheart!
I love you Jon.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Garage Sale Finds Week # 2

Today we were blessed with a wonderful day to Garage Sale!
It was so beautiful out and it was warm, unlike the past few days.
Remember how a few days ago I said that all we really needed to find was winter coats for the kiddo's? Well to make a long story short the Lord provided them both this week before we even got to the sales this weekend! It was such a huge blessing!
He's so good!
So today I was just out to have fun, We got great deals, To day was Liam's day!
He doesn't really need anything else for the year but maybe a few things like socks!! we got it, shoes and all!
Lanna got a few dresses and I got a skirt and a few t's .
It was a great day!!!
And all for about $38.00 I was so excited.
Here's some pix.
On the way home we stopped at my grandparents, I just love them. What a blessing they are!
Well the kids and I are on the way home tomorrow, about noonish.
It's been a great blessing to be here, but it's so very much time to go home! I miss my hubby so very much.
Have a blessed week!
I just love that little girl!

Great G&G Clouse

Our finds for the day!
Daddy's office,& Decor.

All the other goods. See all Liam's all in the back right!

Monday, May 11, 2009

On the Look out!

I'm on the Hunt for two matching tuxes or suites! Size 2T
Liam is in a wedding in July and he and the other "Ring Boy" are just about the same size and we really would like them to match.
We've been watching for them at Garage Sales, we found one that will work but we would really like for them to match!
If you have any that would be up for sale, or if you know of a place that would sell them for a good deal let me know!
Call me cheap, but it's so hard for me to go buy one for $100 will he will have it on for a total of about 4 hours. when know that we can get them at a Garage Sale or nearly new from a friend!
Let me know!

Have a Blessed Day!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mushrooms Any One?

What a fun week we have had here in IN.
Time has just gone by so fast, we love just being to together with family.
One day this week we got to go Mushroom hunting. Boy oh boy did we have fun.
it was a bit wet, but we did find 12 in all. but we only came back to the house with 11. our bag got a hole in and so one got lost :(.
It was Liam's first year to get to go hunting and I think he thought that we were out just to enjoy the woods them to hunt, but it was still fun for him.
I love to hunt. We always went we were younger and I just loved that time with my Dad. and this year is was kinda like that again. everyone was getting cold and so by the end of the afternoon it was just dad and I, soaking wet and looking all over their woods.
I praise the Lord for that sweet time just to talk and get caught up on life.
I just love the little moments like that!
The kids are down for naps and so I need to go get all our Mothers Day stuff ready for Mom and the Grandmas.
Happy Mothers day to you Ruth!!! We love you Mema!!!!
We pray that all Mom's would have a very Blessed day!

Our Little Turtle Friend Papa found

What is this thing Mama?

My First Hunt with Papaw!

Is it really worth it to get soaked? Yes!!!!!
Whoever would of thought that we would go tromping through the woods to find a fungus.
Oh but their O so good!
We ate them last night for dinner when all the cousins were over!
Thank you Lord for such Yummy little things!
Have a blessed Day!
and Happy Mothers day!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Garage Sale Finds day 2

Day Two!!!
Our day started out early and ended early, but we found good deals in between!
The Additions were so busy and crazy! to crazy for us, so we shopped till about 12:30 and came home!
My pix loaded up backwards so sorry so well just go that way!
I spent about $12.5o and found a few things for me and a few things for the office .
It was a good day but I hope next week will be better!
Here is our finds for the day!

The Kids all in their seats!
All ready to go home~

Have a Blessed weekend!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Garage Sale Finds day 1

Today we had a blast out and about Ft. Wayne looking for sales.
Our day started a bit later then norm. but with two little ones it's a bit harder to get up and moving so early.
The rain was falling but thats kay cause we all know that when it rains there is not as many people and so it's easier to get in and out!
My sister Christa and her boys met us for a while, it was just a good day to be out looking for sales.
We got lot and lots of good deals.
I had a goal of spending about $40. and wanted to find clothes for Liam & Lanna and home decor.
We at the end of the day I spent just a little more and got more then I had planned for.
God is so good at planning out good things for His children.
I just show you the pix and you can see all my goodies for the day!

Here's our Finds form today!

Here we go!
All our goodies

home decor.
the long. basket was $5.!!!
Stuff for Daddy's new office.
And my most fav. Our rocking chairs. the were $5 a pc. They need some love but will go great on our porch!

So tomorrow we are going out at it again, and I'm looking for Winter coats for L&L and some summer clothes for me. and just some more fun stuff for Daddy!
Well see what the Lord provides!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

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I just love to carry Lanna in a wrap or sling, so this would be great for us!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ladies Tea

Time for Tea! Or should I say a " Cuppa"?
One of my Fav. things ( there are Many ) about coming home in the spring is that I get to go to some of the Mother Daughters banquets with my Mom and sisters.
Well last night was Grandam Zeigler's at her church.
The Theme this year was A English Tea party. but there was a catch, you Had to wear a Hat!
We had so much fun . Grandma sent over all her old hats from when she was younger We all tired all the hats on, and tried to come up with outfits that would work!
Mom and Cayla looked great. I was so much into getting the kids ready to go that I just was pleased that I matched! you know how it is! :)
Well here's just a few pix from our wonderful evening with Grandma!
My Mom and Lanna, I just love Mom's hat!

We had wonderful food. and English tea scones to go with our tea
The Hat my Grandam wore was the one that she got for my Parents wedding 39 years ago, and we laughed cause she said that she paid more for her hat then her dress!
My Aunt Joni and Cousin Beth!
My Great Grandma!
This got me so in the mood for girley things that I want to do a Ladies Tea at our Home church!

Have a great night!

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My Mom really wants one and has been looking into it. Maybe We'll win.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I Won!!!!!

Remember this post?
I just went window shopping over at Whimsy Couture @ They make the sweetest little kids clothes.

And we could win one of Her creations, the Little Fish strappy dress.

I get to do more them window shopping!
Well I won!!!! I'm so so so so so excited. Lanna will look so cute in her little Fishy dress.

Thanks so much Celeste and Whimsy Couture for such a great giveaway and a sweet dress for our Lanna Joy!

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So go over and see!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Were safe in Indiana

Gammy and Papa's here we come!
The Kids and I left early yesterday to travel to my parents for about 10 days. it was a great trip. Lanna decided about 7 hours into the 8 hour trip that she didn't like her car seat any more and cried the rest of the way! Liam and I thought that we were going to go nuts, but we made it.
Praise the Lord!
My parents thought that we were coming in today so they were just a bit surprised! We love surprising them, and that we Mom doesn't worry the whole day cause she know that we are on the road.
Liam is so into learning right now. the whole way I would hear him say " Mama saw me boat" or "Saw me truck big." it was so cute. he just "needed" to tell me everything that he saw.
he was good company for me.
The kids and I have stared praying while we are in the car, to make use of every moment for eternity. and we so desire that our children would love to pray. and so along the way we were talking to the Lord about how thankful we were for our dear friends back home in MD. and Liam in that sweet little voice of his said. "Mama, I love friends." it made me thankful for how the Lord uses our babies to remind us to be thankful and grateful for the people in our lives.
Any way.
So we are hear and I'm so dying to go to Garage Sales.
So I have a Huge confession. I'm addicted to Garage Sales. thats one of the reasons that we came home this spring so that we can go!!!!
It's something that my Mom and sisters and I have done forever and so when the Lord moved us to MD. I stared looking for Sales. but we don't have them like here in IN.
So I can't wait for Thurs. to get here so that we can go.
Rain or Shine you will find us somewhere in Fort Wayne, running from Garage to Garage looking for great deals.
I use this as my way to "feed my Need" to shop. When I can find kids clothes for $1 or .50 I can't go buy them in the store for $10, when they will only wear them once or twice!
So come Thursday morning bright and early you will find us in the van with kids still in their pjs, and breakfast to-go, quarters in our pockets, and the look of hunting for deals on our faces!
I' m so excited.
Even so much that I dreamed about it last night! See I told you that I was addicted ! Sigh~~~:)
But to be honest I do feel as though I'm being a "Wise Steward." as the Lord has called us to be.
and just a bit like the Prover 31 woman. But I have a really really long way to go.
So I'll try to keep you up to date with all our Great Garage Sale finds! ;)

So for now I'm off to call me Sweet Hubby who is at home in MD. and find out how his day was.
Good Night!

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Too Cute Giveaway!

Hey there!!!

I just went window shopping over at Whimsy Couture @ They make the sweetest little kids clothes.

And we could win one of Her creations, the Little Fish strappy dress.

But I want to show you my fav. little dress that I might just have to get for Lanna
It would just look too cute.

So Head over to "Etsy it up" @ and check out her Giveaway!
They also have a huge It's in the Bag Bash comming up here in a few days so click on my button to check it out. it sounds like lots of fun!