Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Fun!

Not much as gone on in our house this week but sneezing and nose blowing. I started it and the kids both got it and we'll see if Daddy is strong enough to not get it! ;)
We think it's kinda random to get a cold in the summer, but Oh well!
Here just some Friday Fun pix for you to enjoy!

Our Little Super Man

Playing on the Slip N Slide at the church picnic

Have a Blessed weekend!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

As Promised!!!

What a first week back home! We are just now seemingly getting back into the swing of things sadly to say. but thankfully all the laundry is done and put away!!! That is a never ending job at our house!
We did a trip to Six Flags with out teens on Tue. we had a blast and the weather was great!!!

I have been waiting for about 3 weeks now to Share this with everyone, but I Need to share it in person with my Home church family first!!!
I want to share what the Lord did in my life while we were at Life Action.
Each morning we had a session with Tom Elliff. a great man of God. One morning he was speaking about Assurance of your Salvation. and so I was taking notes like I always did. He was going down through a list...
1. Have you make an outward decision?
2. Are you living an upward life for the Lord?
3. Do you have Peace with the Lord on where you will spend eternity?

I was able to answer 1 and 2 but when He got to # 3 my heart was pounding out of my chest and I thought that I was going to get sick.
So I got on my knees before the Lord and asked Him where I stood with Him. and after a long time my answer was "No your not a child of mine." I was overwhelmed, but I knew for the past few years that I was doubting my Salvation, but thought to my self " I'm a pastors wife, what would people think ? I Made a decision when I was 5." But when my fear of man and Pride got out of the way the Lord revealed to me that I was...
"Just a Religious Woman, and not a Child of His."
I knew all the right things to say and all the right things to do but I was a Sinner, and I truly wasn't a Forgiven Child of God. So on Tue. Aug. 4Th I gave my Life to the Lord!!
I was nervous about coming home here to MD. but the Lord is so faithful Pastor Wally was starting a line of sermons about Salvation and so on Sunday I shared with our church family here! I was so nervous as I shared, but the Lord was glorified and one of our teens has already come to know the Lord through this, My prayer is that many people will really think through where they stand with the Lord and that He will make clear Yes or No. I'm so thankful for His awesome Grace and Forgiveness. that I now honestly know the meaning of!

Well as promised here are the Pix from our Northern states Vacation!

All packed and waiting for Daddy to got home from Work!

Who knew that we'd need this much for 2 weeks?

Sweet baby girl!

Exploring our room!

At the Lake with Mr. Nate!

How fast can we Go?

The Kids loved the beach in the afternoon!

Playing with Matthew and Johnmark Bearden.

In the evenings My Mom would watch the kids so that I could go with Jon to be with the Teens.

On Thurs we went to the Dunes!

Jon telling The Pink Monkey story

After our week at Life Action we went home to IN. to see all my side of the family!
we had a great time!!!!!
Time at the Overly's

It was so hot and Muggy that the kids played in the sprinkler!

They live in "Farm country" and so Liam loved to watch the Crop Duster planes.

Once back at My parents the cousins had lots and lots of fun times together!

One day we did a Family trip to the Zoo. we had a blast!

The kids loved the monkeys!

Other creatures Liam just wasn't too sure about!

Mama and Daddy loved the jelly fish!
What Zoo day can be finished without a log ride?

What the Zoo Does to our kiddo's!!!

Just a few more pix just hanging out!
Fishing at my grandparents

My sis showing off her little beauty!

My Uncle whom I hadn't seen in like 10 years happened to be down form NH. and so he got to meet Jon and the Kids!

Liam loved His Harley's!!!

Before we left we had Family Dinner with all the sibs that live near my parents.
It was a blast to be together with everyone.

And what Zeigler Family meal is complete without Home Made Ice cream?
Mmmmmmm! Thanks Mom!

Heading out for the Long drive home to MD!

One last stop for our Family Vacation!
Liam had a blast. the Animals were great!
Lanna was just glad to be out of her carseat!
Home at last!!!
We had a great trip!

Here's just a few pix from this week.
Lanna is learning to use a spoon all on her own!

Have a blessed God filled week!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Great Giveaway!!!!

Danielle over at the Gaerte Gange is doing a great give away on the "Complete laundry system"
I'm so excited I'd love to win!!!
The Greatest thing I've learned yet is that it will wash my Cloth Diapers and get all the yuck out !!!!
I'd so love to win and I'm sure you would too!
Here is her link!

Have a blessed day and yes I'll put pix on this week of our vacation!

Monday, August 10, 2009


With all the craziness going on in our lives I haven't had time to post this post about our Anniversary!
On July 30 2005 I married my best friend.
I'm so blessed by the Lord to have a godly hubby and wonderful father to our little blessings.

Here is just a few pix from our wedding day!

I loved my dress we got it for $100 !!!

He's so hansom!

The New Mr. & Mrs. Jon Moorman!!

Have a blessed day!