Friday, January 30, 2009

Fun times!

The Kids and I arrived here in IN. on Tuesday safe and sound after a very long and hard snowy trip from MD.
We were planning to leave on Saturday to travel here, but we were to get a bad snow/ice storm so we surprised Mom and Dad and arrived just a few days early!!!
Our time here has been so sweet. Getting to watch my Mom play and love on the kids has been so special for me.
In my heart I know that this surgery is major, but were trying to keep it... well lets just say on the not so bad side of things. But only the Lord knows the outcome of the surgery.
We are trusting His heart.
Mom's Surgery is this coming Wed. please pray as we pack and things that it will be a sweet time.
I'll update as we get updates!
We Covet your prayers at this time.

I've been spending some time on their computer and I found lots of old pix to share.
They remind me of how fast time goes by!

Hanging out with the cousins!
Lanna Joy at like 6 weeks old.
What a cutie!
Wow!!! What a Awesome Creator we have!
Taffy pulling at the Yoder's
Pull Mom!

This is so much fun to do. you start out with this blob and then you pull and twist and then you eat!!! It's yummy stuff! Hard to eat just one! ;)

Well I found a lot more pix to put on but this Mama is tired!
It's hard being away from Daddy for the kids but more so for me. I realize how precious your help mate is when your far way from him.
We love you Daddy and miss you so much!
Have a great night every one!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A new year!

A new year is here and with that comes so many fun and exciting things in the Moorman home.
This week Lanna turned 6 months old. It's so hard to believe that she's that old. Jon and I were talking yesterday and we said "It seems just like yesterday that she was born,but yet it seems like we've never been without her."
What a precious Blessing form the Lord she is.
Here is her 6 month photos.

Mama can we be done yet?
Liam will be 2 March 1st. He is so into learning right now. He wants to figure out why everything works.Were still doing a little signing with him. but mostly he uses words to tell us what he wants or needs!About 2 months ago we stared having him sit with us in Church. He is doing really good, he made it through this past week without having to be taken out!!! when it comes time to pray he bows his head and folds his little hands. and then when Pastor Wally says "Amen" Liam will say a very loud "Amen." it's so cute!
Bath time fun!
Our bath tub paint it so much fun!

How do I get that in there?

"Ledding" with Liam and Lanna ( Liam can't say S to start a word, so Sledding is Ledding!)"

Yesterday it was like 40' so we spent a while outside!

Daddy's little snow baby!

Lets go Daddy!

Our next post will be from IN. Some of you knew that my Mom Charlene is having heart surgery on the 4th. so the kids and I will be heading out a week form today to travel home to be with my family.
Please be praying for my family at this time. I'll keep you up dated as the days grow closer to the surgery.
Well I guess thats all for now. Jon and the kids are at home playing so I want to get home to them.
Have a blessed week!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Have you ever?

Have you ever had "One of those days"?
Well today was just "One of those days"!!!

It all started out like this....

Oops Mama!

But Nap time oh how nice!!!!!

Liam and Lanna started sharing a room this past week! It's still a little rough so were just doing nap times for now. We still need a mattress for Lanna's bed. Has any one seen any good deals on crib mattress?
Any way!!!
I praise the Lord for "One of those days", cause it reminds me to call out for lots and lots of Grace!
Have a blessed week!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Hand Made with love!

Hello! While traveling I can't sit still. I need to be doing something. crocheting... reading... making something, well this year on the way to GA. I set out to make Lanna some Longeys.
I have this sister who's got me all into cloth diapering, and they make these cute little pants, Longeys... to go over them. To make a long story short I wanted to make a pair not to go over her diaper necessarily but because they were so cute!
Here is the final product!
Their so warm and so cute. Now Jon says that he wants a pair just not in pink!!! :)

So there you have it!!!
If you want a matching pair like Jon's just let me know. :)
I just had to put this pix on.
Look what Lanna learned to do this week!

Ehanna Joy 5 months old

Have a blessed week!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

This year for Christmas we were in warm Sunny Georgia!!! We just love the winter down there. We're not sure if we could really make it through the summer with all the heat, but it sure is nice to go there when it's in the teens here in MD.
We left here about 1 pm and arrived there about 1:30am we had planned to stop for the night, but Jon was so excited to get home that we drove though!
We snuck into His Dad and Ruth's without waking them up, and surprised them in the morning!
It was a fun surprise! It was a great way to start out our time there!
Christmas was so fun this year with the kids. One of our gifts from Jon's Dad and Step Mom was a trip for all of us to Callaway Gardens.
It was a great trip . We we arrived we went to our Chalet and got our winter clothes on and then headed out to the Light show. (It was to be in the 30's that night. what happened to the heat?)
We got on a tram and enjoyed an hour of Lights and Christmas music. it was great. some of us thought that it was way to cold but others thought it was great!!! I thought it was warm cause of all the memories that we were making!!!;)
A little later you'll get to see some of our lights!
We were blessed with a fun time there ending for us with a warm fire. it was a great time just to be together.
We did miss Jason our brother-in law. He had to say and work. we were sorry that we didn't get to spend time with him.

We got to have two Christmas's! One with Dad & Ruth and One with Mom.

Liam and Lanna are very blessed to have so many grandparents that love them to death!
At Mom's we had a special time. on Christmas evening we piled into the van and went looking for Lights and listened to Christmas music it was great fun.
and we ate and ate! I got to eat some of the recipes that Jon remembered from when he was little. they were yummy!!!
There is just something about southern cookin! :)
We had such a special time in GA. we always hate to see it end.

Here are just a few pix of our fun time there in GA.

Ready for the Sun!!!

Cousins, Sweet Sweet Cousins!
Time with Grandma Moorman

Matching Dresses for Christmas Sunday!

Liam loves his new train!
Opening gifts with Aunt DeeDee ( Christy)

Our Christmas Babies!

Callaway Gardens!!!

We were ready for the Chilly Night

Here we go....

Liam just loved the lights,

We would go through one area and He'd get all excited about the next. with a "Woooo Mama look!" I think enjoyed listening to the kids as much as the lights!
Georgia Snow?

At the Chalet we are all warm with spiced tea and Carmel cake! ( Happy Birthday Mema!)

Rob was showing the guys how to make a good fire ;)

Rob and Christy!

The cousins got matching PJs!

We love you Pop & Ruth,

Thanks for a great time at Callaway!

We'll that sould do it for Christmas in GA.

We loved spending time together with everyone. What a precious family we have.

We'll thats all for now. maybe in a few days I'll get our Christmas at home all done. or better yet just come on over to MD and look at our scrapbooks! I should have them done in the next few months ;).

We pray that you had a blessed Christmas centered around what matter the most Christ Birth and what He's done for us.

We love you !

Hello and Happy New year!
We are home... whoooo. It's good to go way but boy is it good to come home.
Our time away went fast we were in IN. with Carra's family for thanksgiving. we'll use this update to blog about that and then we'll do GA. in just a few min!
We had a blast just being together.
People always ask about what we do when were gone and all we really say is that " we just hang out and visit and enjoy being together".
Thanksgiving Day was great with lots of yummy food and family.
We went to My Grandparents ( The Zeigler's ) for Brunch and then to my Aunt Earlene's for Dinner. It was so good to see everyone, it had been a year or so since we had seen some of them.
A neat added blessing is that we got to spent time with my cousin and her husband and their little girl who are over seas and were home for the holidays.We are very blessed. as we traveled home Jon and I reminisced about how blessed we are and all the things that the Lord has given us.
Wow. what an awesome God we serve!Well if I'm going to get the GA. trip in I need to get going.
Here's a few pix from IN.

The Whole Zeigler family!

The Cousins all 15!

Baby Creed

Each year the kids do the Christmas story and this year was the best yet.
We laughed and I think Grandma cried! I was so fun to watch the little ones kinda grasp what it might of really been like.

Mary and Baby Jesus

Everyone checking out the baby
The three cutest sheep ever!

Everyone but Ben. ( he was the narrator)

For Thanksgiving/Christmas Lunch my Mom loves to have us all that the same table. so this year we used 4, 6 foot tables and 3 high chairs to get us all at the table.
It was a sweet time we went around and told something that we were thankful for and then the men read some Bible verses that had to do with thankfulness.

Here is Elhanna with her Great Grandpa & Grandma Clouse.
Lanna is the 40Th great grandchild!
Special Cousin time. :)

Sometimes it feels like all we do is eat!!! But I don't think the Boys minded!

Lanna and Creed are about 4 months a part.
It was sweet to watch all the cousins play together.

The whole Budd Family!
We love you Papa and Mamaw. Thank you for a great Thanksgiving and Christmas in IN.

Since being home from IN. we have found out that My Mom Charlene needs to have heart surgery in the next few weeks or month.
Please pray that the Lord would get her into Cleavland to do the Surgery there.
We'll keep you updated on how she is doing.
and too pray for Jon, he will be home alone again while the kids and I head to IN to be with Mom at this time.