Saturday, January 24, 2009

A new year!

A new year is here and with that comes so many fun and exciting things in the Moorman home.
This week Lanna turned 6 months old. It's so hard to believe that she's that old. Jon and I were talking yesterday and we said "It seems just like yesterday that she was born,but yet it seems like we've never been without her."
What a precious Blessing form the Lord she is.
Here is her 6 month photos.

Mama can we be done yet?
Liam will be 2 March 1st. He is so into learning right now. He wants to figure out why everything works.Were still doing a little signing with him. but mostly he uses words to tell us what he wants or needs!About 2 months ago we stared having him sit with us in Church. He is doing really good, he made it through this past week without having to be taken out!!! when it comes time to pray he bows his head and folds his little hands. and then when Pastor Wally says "Amen" Liam will say a very loud "Amen." it's so cute!
Bath time fun!
Our bath tub paint it so much fun!

How do I get that in there?

"Ledding" with Liam and Lanna ( Liam can't say S to start a word, so Sledding is Ledding!)"

Yesterday it was like 40' so we spent a while outside!

Daddy's little snow baby!

Lets go Daddy!

Our next post will be from IN. Some of you knew that my Mom Charlene is having heart surgery on the 4th. so the kids and I will be heading out a week form today to travel home to be with my family.
Please be praying for my family at this time. I'll keep you up dated as the days grow closer to the surgery.
Well I guess thats all for now. Jon and the kids are at home playing so I want to get home to them.
Have a blessed week!

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Danielle said...

Great pics!!! You have to tell Jonn he has to put a hat next time they play outside!!! Just seeing him without a hat makes me COLD!!!!
Hope you have a safe trip home.