Friday, November 8, 2013

I Am Blessed!!!

I'm so sorry that I have been gong for so very long.
Life was in a spiral that last few months it seems to just keep getting faster rather then slowing down.
But the Lord has worked so much in my life in that time that I wouldn't trade it.
Back in July the Lord blessed us with another " Little Treasure" we we're thrilled and excited!
We really were not planning or trying so it was a HUGE joy. but just a few weeks later in Aug. the Lord chose to take our 5th "Little Treasure" to heaven to be with Him.
It was more of a trial then I ever dreamed that I would walk through. At the point of losing the baby I wasn't sure of where the baby had gone, it was one of those things that I really never thought about." When you miscarry what happens to the baby's spirit"??? 
I prayed and prayed about it, sought godly counsel. and finally the Lord just gave me His sweet peace in knowing that the baby was with Him.
I'm NOW thankful to have walked that road, so that in the future I can morn with those who the Lord make take down that same path. So thankful for a Savor who loves me and carried us through.

So all that to say I'm Cherishing each second the Lord give us with our 4 Little Treasures and trusting that He will bless us with a few more in the future. :)  YES I said a Few. :)

 I want to share with you just a few shots of our Treasures from this Fall



I'm so smitten and Blessed!
We now have the internet at home. so Lord willing I'll be updating much more often, and I still have a review and giveaway for you!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Wendi said...


I am so sorry for your loss. I find it reassuring that our Savior will see us through the good, the bad and the ugly. Not only see us through but use it all for His glory!

Looking forward to more post from you!

mmwhan said...

so sorry to hear that, that was my biggest fear both times i got pregnant : ( thank goodness for our faith and us being joined again in heaven! I was just going to ask when the next baby was i saw you pinning preggo stuff on pinterest maybe soon, God will provide : ) miss u wish you guys were closer

Jen said...

Carra, I'm so sorry for your loss. We too have been down that path, and have 3 sweet babies waiting for us in heaven. I love seeing how big your little ones are getting. I hope your family is enjoying the beautiful fall weather,

Jen Leach

Rachel Bassett said...

I'm so thankful the Lord brought you through and assured you that the little one is with Him. I had no idea you were struggling with all that my dear sister. I'm thrilled however, to see that you want a FEW more!!! WooHoo! Aunt Acho has plenty of hugs and kisses and spoiling to go around :)

Ruth said...

I love these beautiful children!

Carra Moorman said...

Thank you everyone so much for your love and support. The Lord is so gracious and Loving.
It's such a blessing to be to have friends who understand and pray for me.
Love you Ladies!!!!!

Jenna said...

Just catching up on your blog... So, so sorry for your loss. We experienced the same thing almost a year ago (wow...was it really that long!) in January 2013. Heartbreaking and sad. It too shook more up more than I could have imagined. But God is so faithful... Love to you, friend...