Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring time fun!

As promised here is a new post. and lots of new pix for our families!
All is well with us, just extremely busy!

New news on Liam~

He started walking last Friday !!! It's been so fun to watch him learn to get back up and try again.
He is so determined to get to point A to point B. He is so fun.
Things with him are such a blast. Like today we jumped on the Yoder's trampoline. he laughed and giggled the whole time, He just loved it.
He is learning sign language. and the signs that we know so far are... Please, More and Eat. Thank You was the word for this week, but we still need to work on that one!
It's amazing how fast his mind is, and how he learns things.
He as started talking just a little bit he can say... Bird, Ball, Bubble,Baby, Papa, Mama and More. I think that's about it.
He thinks he can say a lot more and we are to "Know" what he is trying to say, Jon and I look at each other and say " Is that so?" :)

We are so blessed. He is such a good Baby, Well "Big Boy". I need to get use to calling him " Big Boy" and not the baby with Elhanna on the way.!

We got new Cell phone's so if you haven't heard from us in a while you may want to email us your phone number, When our old phone died it took all of our numbers with it. so please bear with us as we get every ones numbers again!!!

Well I think that's all the updates for now. so as promised here are the pix!!!

Liam just can't get enough outdoors. he is his Daddy's Boy!
In the past few weeks he has learned to dip his french fries! it's a messy but sure a lot of fun!

One of the Farm cats moved here kittens into our window box, and so we had to show Liam, He just loved the "baby" as he would say.
My first Strawberry!
He really likes them, when he got done he kept signing More More!

Today we played outside a good part of the day and so here he is just loving the outdoors!

And here is Ellie Joy at 28 weeks.
The Dr.s' say all is well and that We're doing good! But Mama is very ready for her to come out and meet her Big Brother!

Have a great week, We love you all!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

So sorry everyone!
It's been a wild and crazy last few weeks and hopfully we'll get to update this weekend!
Have a good week!

Friday, April 11, 2008

March & April News

It’s been a very long time since we’ve updated, and so much has happened in our lives.
Let’s see where to begin?
March 1st was Liam’s 1st Birthday, and that was a fun filled day with a party and friends.
The middle of March we took an unexpected trip to GA for a death in the family. It was great to see our family form the south and enjoy the warm weather there. It spoiled us so much that I (Carra) could of moved down there that very weekend for good. It was great!
On the way home we got to see some of our good friends the Wallace’s. it was such a fun blessing to see them and get to meet their son Elijah.
And the rest of the month was busy as normal with family and church stuff.

Liam is growing so fast. He’s trying to walk and is in to everything.Over the past few days the weather here has been so nice that we have took a walk and been outside a big part of the day. Liam loves to play in the yard.
He was helping me work in the flower beds and we found a earth worm and at first he was’t quit sure what to think of it and then he picked it up and looked at it and played with it for a while! It was so much fun to watch him explore that new “friend!”

All is well with Baby Ellie, We are 26 weeks and counting down.I love this stage in pregnancy, you’re really not too big and you’re not too tired, and you can still somewhat bend over!
But my most favorite part is getting to feel her move all around. From the time I first roll over in the morning till when I go to sleep at night. She is there to remind me of what an Awesome Creator we have, and His plan for our lives.

Well that’s what’s up with us right now.
Have a good week. We love you!

Liam and his Cousins.
Hanging out with Elijah !

One day I couldn't find Liam and I started looking all over the house, I could hear him, but didn't see him, He was under our futon couch.
Watching Daddy gather wood outside.
Eating Liam's fav. thing to do!

Have a great week!