Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Eve Day Fun

We had a very blessed Day.
We spent the whole day just enjoying each other and playing around.
The weather was perfect for sledding so we headed out to enjoy it!
Here's how it went!

More to come later!

29 years ago

About 29 years ago three sisters stood like this with their prego tummies all in a row, all due about 4 months apart. and now those three babies stand in a row with all their prego tummies all in a row. all due just 3 months apart! So come this summer there will be 3 new second cousins to enjoy. 1 Girl and 2 boys! so the Dr.s say!

It was so good to be able to see my cousins in IN. and so fun to think back to when our Mom's were pregnant with the three of us.
What a fun season of life the Lord has us in.

I know your thinking "where is the Christmas pix?" they are to come in the next few post so stand by!

Christmas Day 2009

Christmas day was a blast at our house this year. I was so excited that I couldn't sleep Christmas Eve. It's one of those things that you wait for when your kids are babies and then when they can really enjoy the whole thing it's so special.
and Liam is now grasping who Jesus is and it makes Knowing Him more awesome!

It all started with Liam coming into our room at 8 saying "I awake!"
I'm not sure he knew what was going on but he was told not not go into the family room without Mama and Daddy in the morning!
We all got coffee and Steamers and Daddy read the Christmas story from Luke 2.
And then the fun began~
Lanna wasn't to sure what to think, but soon caught on to the fun.
We went form gift to gift. playing in the middle. we tried to keep it simple with just a few gifts and some home made ones too.
I'll share as I go through the pix of the favorite ones!

Mama's Fav. My LL Bean lime green slippers!

Ellie Joy's Fav. here baby!

She was so cute about it, she Had to have it open right away so that she could hold it.

She is just nuts about babies. it must be a girl thing cause I was too!

Hats! I made them matching hats and pants.

Here's the pants. Lanna's are so cute they have ruffles on the tush!

Can I open it yet?

Daddy spent hours and hours in the garage on this little one. He did such a awesome job on it.

Can you believe that he just started building things about a year ago?

Liam's Fav. was his work bench!

He was so excited when he got to uncover it!

Aunt Rae & Uncle Dwayne sent some gifts to the kids, this one is a blast Liam calls it

"King Frog!" He's a huge frog block, too cute. thanks Rae.

Our Day went on with lunch, with the Christmas China. and lots and lots more playing.
we stayed in our PJ's till 4pm when we headed out to the Massey's for Dinner.
The weather was snowy and cold perfect for a White Christmas!
We are so blessed.
We pray that your Christmas was filled with Lots of Joy and the true meaning of Christmas.
Christ Birth!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Puppets 2009 "Code Red"

The kids were so excited all afternoon, we told them that we were going to go to a surprise tonight! as we drove to the church they were chartering and all excited. when we pulled in Liam said " gonna see the puppets?" He was so excited that he squealed.
So as we promised here are some pix. from the Puppets last night!

Lanna dancing around getting ready to go,( Sorry about her eyes.)
Liam waiting for the show to start!

Is it time yet Daddy?

Playing with the sweet little Elf. Lanna liked her nose!

Let the fun begin!
PVBC 2009 Puppets "Code Red"

This years puppets take place in a ER. but with many many different little things added here and there to make it more fun!
Like Ice skaters! with falling snow!

And Life size puppets...

Lots of songs...
The End!

Liam and Lanna sat so still the whole time, each time a new puppet came in they were glued to it!

What a awesome gift that the Lord has given our church family to give out to the community.
We are so blessed.
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Up it goes!

Lanna's Hair is finially up in Piggy Tails!
Mama's waited for this day for a really long time, Silly I know. but she looks sooooo cute!

Aunt Rae check out her Bug slippers, she loves them!

Oh so cute!

Too cute! I just had to sare in the fun!
Have a blessed day!

Something smells good!

Yummy can you smell that?
Warm Cinnamon maybe?
Lets find out!

Getting started!
Lanna working hard.

Showong off her work!

Liam working hard to get it "Just Right!" "Like this Mama" He'd say!

All Dry!

Yesterday the rain was falling and the wind was sure a blowing, so the kids and I set out to make one of our favorite Christmas decorations...
Apple sauce Cinnamon ornaments. we had a blast, Lanna quickly learned that the dough was HOT and yucky to taste!
Liam loved working with the cookie cutters. and I had fun just trying to keep up with the two of them.
Something happened in the making, either I added too much sauce, or ??? It just wasn't like last year. so Mama ended up doing most of them while the kiddos were napping!
Oh well it was the thought that counts right! :)
We had fun trying, and Boy did it make the house smell yummy!
Have a blessed day!

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas is here!

Merry Christmas

Checking out the Tree.

Smooching by the tree!

I just love this one, too cute!

Finally a post from the Moorman's.
Lets just say life has been just a weeeeeeee bit busy and blogging hasn't been the first thing on the list to get done. :(
All is well with us! we are at 21 weeks along with baby A. he is doing great! moving all over the place. Daddy can now feel his little kicks, I just love it!

This weekend starts our Puppets at church, and so Jon and I will be here for every show this coming weekend. Fir- Sun. It's amazing. before we came to PVBC I thought that our puppets were huge, but not so much! This weekend alone we'll have about 1,500 people come through our doors to hear the Gospel through the team. it's such a neat reach out to our community.
Please be in prayer with us as the team does 6 presentations this weekend and 6 next weekend. that the Gospel would be heard and not just the fun of the puppets!
Liam and Lanna are loving having a Christmas Tree in their little room. it's great. it lights up the whole room.
The other day they got to sit on Santa's lap and Lanna was so thrilled with his real beard and Liam asked for on horse! I'm not sure what we can do about a horse! :)
Have a blessed week!
Lord willing I'll be able to put some pix on from puppets soon!