Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

Christmas day was a blast at our house this year. I was so excited that I couldn't sleep Christmas Eve. It's one of those things that you wait for when your kids are babies and then when they can really enjoy the whole thing it's so special.
and Liam is now grasping who Jesus is and it makes Knowing Him more awesome!

It all started with Liam coming into our room at 8 saying "I awake!"
I'm not sure he knew what was going on but he was told not not go into the family room without Mama and Daddy in the morning!
We all got coffee and Steamers and Daddy read the Christmas story from Luke 2.
And then the fun began~
Lanna wasn't to sure what to think, but soon caught on to the fun.
We went form gift to gift. playing in the middle. we tried to keep it simple with just a few gifts and some home made ones too.
I'll share as I go through the pix of the favorite ones!

Mama's Fav. My LL Bean lime green slippers!

Ellie Joy's Fav. here baby!

She was so cute about it, she Had to have it open right away so that she could hold it.

She is just nuts about babies. it must be a girl thing cause I was too!

Hats! I made them matching hats and pants.

Here's the pants. Lanna's are so cute they have ruffles on the tush!

Can I open it yet?

Daddy spent hours and hours in the garage on this little one. He did such a awesome job on it.

Can you believe that he just started building things about a year ago?

Liam's Fav. was his work bench!

He was so excited when he got to uncover it!

Aunt Rae & Uncle Dwayne sent some gifts to the kids, this one is a blast Liam calls it

"King Frog!" He's a huge frog block, too cute. thanks Rae.

Our Day went on with lunch, with the Christmas China. and lots and lots more playing.
we stayed in our PJ's till 4pm when we headed out to the Massey's for Dinner.
The weather was snowy and cold perfect for a White Christmas!
We are so blessed.
We pray that your Christmas was filled with Lots of Joy and the true meaning of Christmas.
Christ Birth!

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Sab said...

I love making gifts! The handmade ones are always the best! I LOVE the cradle, that is so sweet! :)