Saturday, December 12, 2009

Puppets 2009 "Code Red"

The kids were so excited all afternoon, we told them that we were going to go to a surprise tonight! as we drove to the church they were chartering and all excited. when we pulled in Liam said " gonna see the puppets?" He was so excited that he squealed.
So as we promised here are some pix. from the Puppets last night!

Lanna dancing around getting ready to go,( Sorry about her eyes.)
Liam waiting for the show to start!

Is it time yet Daddy?

Playing with the sweet little Elf. Lanna liked her nose!

Let the fun begin!
PVBC 2009 Puppets "Code Red"

This years puppets take place in a ER. but with many many different little things added here and there to make it more fun!
Like Ice skaters! with falling snow!

And Life size puppets...

Lots of songs...
The End!

Liam and Lanna sat so still the whole time, each time a new puppet came in they were glued to it!

What a awesome gift that the Lord has given our church family to give out to the community.
We are so blessed.
Merry Christmas!


Sab said...

Those puppets look fun! That is awesome! I loved puppets as a kid too... what is it about them that we love?

Gaertegang said...

Ohh our kids love the puppets too! Cute pics...and thanks for the cute Christmas card!! You are on the prayer board!!

Merry Christmas....