Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas is here!

Merry Christmas

Checking out the Tree.

Smooching by the tree!

I just love this one, too cute!

Finally a post from the Moorman's.
Lets just say life has been just a weeeeeeee bit busy and blogging hasn't been the first thing on the list to get done. :(
All is well with us! we are at 21 weeks along with baby A. he is doing great! moving all over the place. Daddy can now feel his little kicks, I just love it!

This weekend starts our Puppets at church, and so Jon and I will be here for every show this coming weekend. Fir- Sun. It's amazing. before we came to PVBC I thought that our puppets were huge, but not so much! This weekend alone we'll have about 1,500 people come through our doors to hear the Gospel through the team. it's such a neat reach out to our community.
Please be in prayer with us as the team does 6 presentations this weekend and 6 next weekend. that the Gospel would be heard and not just the fun of the puppets!
Liam and Lanna are loving having a Christmas Tree in their little room. it's great. it lights up the whole room.
The other day they got to sit on Santa's lap and Lanna was so thrilled with his real beard and Liam asked for on horse! I'm not sure what we can do about a horse! :)
Have a blessed week!
Lord willing I'll be able to put some pix on from puppets soon!

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