Friday, November 20, 2009

GA 09

Hey everyone!
This is going to a post with little words and lots of pix! I know you Gmas hate that:)
But the computer has given me lot of trouble and so my time is up I have to get home.
But I wanted to share some pix!

Lanna sporting her first Christmas Dress!
She has so many that she'll have one for each Sunday till Christmas! ;)

This years Operation Christmas Child Box goodies!

All packed!
These are a bit mixed up. sorry!
Like this Daddy!

When were done packing we pray over the box's. I couldn't help but sneak a pix.
So sweet!
On OCC. Sunday all the kids of our Church Praying over the boxes.

Now time for a Little GA. fun!
Hanging with Aunt Rachael

Playing with Mema!
Liam and Pepa did lots of book reading!
Kissing on Granna.
Hanging with the Cousins!
Wow! I feel like I just ran right through those.

One more!!!
We got to stop in and see some good friends that we were with in Life Action. on the way home from GA.
It was so fun to get to see everyone and their little ones!

Have a blessed week!

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