Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Baby Smiles!

Happy 7 week Birthday Aiden Macsheyne!

This week he started Smiling and so I just thought that you might want to see some of his first sweet little smiles!
Mama just can't get enough.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Grandpa and Grandma Zeigler's house!

What a week, what a week, we've been really busy with all kids of fun.
Garage Sales... Bonfires... Birthdays... Graduation parities... Engagements.
Wheew what a week!
We just love being here, but we are sure busy, I guess that just adds to the fun!
On the 21st, the Lord gave me a new brother~in law to be. My youngest sister got engaged!!! We are so excited for Cayla and Clayton. We pray for The Lord's richest blessings on them. and we are so thrilled that the Lord chose Clayton for Cayla. He is a great guy.
We are gearing up for my cousins weeding this coming weekend, so this week will be rather busy, so I thought that I'd share some pix. of our week here in Indiana.

Papaw's boy...

We love to Swing...
and swing some more...
Lanna's 1st time...

Gathering eggs with Gma... Baking...
Snuggling... Aiden is Grand baby #16!
And Snacking... what a cutie!

Oh so much fun, and there is much much more fun to be had!
Have a great week!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Picture Day!

This Morning we had the kids pictures taken. it was a really good experience,
I was just a bit weary about doing all three at the same time. but they did great and so was the photographer.
So it was quick and pain less to get these shots!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Where's Daddy?

As most of y'all know the kids and I are in Indiana with my family for a few weeks and so my
kiddo's are starting to really miss their Daddy. So much so that today when I went to get Lanna up from her nap that she said " Where Daddy? " and when I went to reach for her she said " No my Daddy do." I told her that Daddy was at home, she said" no Daddy come."
So Daddy you've been told by your baby girl to come, you better listen! ;)
We are doing well, besides a little sickness bug that's bee trying to get Liam down, but he's a trooper he just keeps going.

Here is something that I've been thinking about this week, While I'm here in IN. I seem to enjoy my kiddo's so much more... why is that?
I'm really going to search my heart this week to see why!
Please pray for me that I would really be open with the Lord in this time, for what He has to tell me!

Oh and Happy 5 week birthday to our sweet little Aiden!
He is such a sweet baby boy!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day!

I just want to Thank the Lord for the Mom's in our lives.
My Mom Charlene,
Jon's Mom Carol and Step~Mom Ruth.
And Ginger my Mom away from home!
What an awesome blessing to have each of these godly ladies in our lives.
We cherish each of you and praise the Lord for the impact that you have on our lives as well as our children.
I praise the Lord for our children that He's given to Jon & I to make me a Mama.
To be a Mama has been a dream for me from when I was just a little girl playing baby dolls with my sisters.

Love to each of our Mom's, we wish that we were there to love on you today!
Happy Mothers Day!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

White Team Summit!

Good Morning! Just a quick update on how the Summit is going before we get our day going!
This week has been such a blessing to us. we have so enjoyed seeing the Lord work and move in the lives of His people here in OH. and to get to be a part of a Life Action Team again has been a blast for us.
He is just a few pix of whats going on .

Worship with the praise team

Jon with the teens,
we'll have about 200 tonight, so please pray with us that the Lord would move in a might way!

This was the True woman's luncheon.
It was a great time of challenge and encouragement from the LA. staff wives for me.
There was about 200 woman who came.

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Aiden Macsheyne

Hey there!
We are so enjoying our time here in OH. and the kids are loving their time with Gma and Gpa Z. in IN. they are about 3 hours form here and so it was a nice little dirve.
So Daddy and I are enjoying just having Aiden this week!
He is doing really great, we still have our nights and days messed up. but last night he let me sleep till 5:45am so just maybe he's getting things fig. out! PTL.
Here is some 3 week pix of baby Aiden.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

We're where?

I have a little story to tell you about our trip here.
We were using our GPS on the way here and we were just about 1 hour away and we were in the middle of let's just say... nowhere, and We had to call the church to let them know where we were, and we have just drove through all these sweet little towns like... Killbuck and Blissfield.
So when we got signal on our cells. we called to let them know our whereabouts!
This morning they said that they were laughing about our call and how the " Moorman's were lost in Amish country." they just got a good laugh about it!
Any way!!! Praise the Lord we made it safe and sound and loving being with the team.
If you think about it pray for Jon, he is doing teens, and we had about 125. this AM.
We'll see who the Lord brings out in the evenings.
We'll keep you updated about how things are going!


The Moorman family is out and about with the Life Action Thirst team/White team.
We are having a blast and looking forward to what the Lord is going to do here in Ohio.
We'll try to get some pix on this week of the kiddo's!