Sunday, May 2, 2010

We're where?

I have a little story to tell you about our trip here.
We were using our GPS on the way here and we were just about 1 hour away and we were in the middle of let's just say... nowhere, and We had to call the church to let them know where we were, and we have just drove through all these sweet little towns like... Killbuck and Blissfield.
So when we got signal on our cells. we called to let them know our whereabouts!
This morning they said that they were laughing about our call and how the " Moorman's were lost in Amish country." they just got a good laugh about it!
Any way!!! Praise the Lord we made it safe and sound and loving being with the team.
If you think about it pray for Jon, he is doing teens, and we had about 125. this AM.
We'll see who the Lord brings out in the evenings.
We'll keep you updated about how things are going!

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