Thursday, May 7, 2009

Garage Sale Finds day 1

Today we had a blast out and about Ft. Wayne looking for sales.
Our day started a bit later then norm. but with two little ones it's a bit harder to get up and moving so early.
The rain was falling but thats kay cause we all know that when it rains there is not as many people and so it's easier to get in and out!
My sister Christa and her boys met us for a while, it was just a good day to be out looking for sales.
We got lot and lots of good deals.
I had a goal of spending about $40. and wanted to find clothes for Liam & Lanna and home decor.
We at the end of the day I spent just a little more and got more then I had planned for.
God is so good at planning out good things for His children.
I just show you the pix and you can see all my goodies for the day!

Here's our Finds form today!

Here we go!
All our goodies

home decor.
the long. basket was $5.!!!
Stuff for Daddy's new office.
And my most fav. Our rocking chairs. the were $5 a pc. They need some love but will go great on our porch!

So tomorrow we are going out at it again, and I'm looking for Winter coats for L&L and some summer clothes for me. and just some more fun stuff for Daddy!
Well see what the Lord provides!


aje said...

Wow! All that stuff for around $40...sounds like a good deal. It looks like you are having a lot of fun. That brings back memories from long has been a LONG time since I have gone to addition sales! Have fun tomorrow!!

Carra said...

Thanks Jen!!!

Sab said...

Ooh, looks like you got some great deals! I had little luck at garages sales in my area yesturday... and the rain was discouraging (especially with my baby girl). I did find her a swimsuit, some clothes, and two toys. Spent <$10. Then went to Liquidation world and got some awesome deals for cheap!

Danielle said...

funny you posted about sales...I just did too and that was before I checked out what you had wrote :)
I am sooooo jealous about the rockers......I so want some like those...great steal for $10...even if they need a little TLC :)