Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mushrooms Any One?

What a fun week we have had here in IN.
Time has just gone by so fast, we love just being to together with family.
One day this week we got to go Mushroom hunting. Boy oh boy did we have fun.
it was a bit wet, but we did find 12 in all. but we only came back to the house with 11. our bag got a hole in and so one got lost :(.
It was Liam's first year to get to go hunting and I think he thought that we were out just to enjoy the woods them to hunt, but it was still fun for him.
I love to hunt. We always went we were younger and I just loved that time with my Dad. and this year is was kinda like that again. everyone was getting cold and so by the end of the afternoon it was just dad and I, soaking wet and looking all over their woods.
I praise the Lord for that sweet time just to talk and get caught up on life.
I just love the little moments like that!
The kids are down for naps and so I need to go get all our Mothers Day stuff ready for Mom and the Grandmas.
Happy Mothers day to you Ruth!!! We love you Mema!!!!
We pray that all Mom's would have a very Blessed day!

Our Little Turtle Friend Papa found

What is this thing Mama?

My First Hunt with Papaw!

Is it really worth it to get soaked? Yes!!!!!
Whoever would of thought that we would go tromping through the woods to find a fungus.
Oh but their O so good!
We ate them last night for dinner when all the cousins were over!
Thank you Lord for such Yummy little things!
Have a blessed Day!
and Happy Mothers day!


Genesa said...

Those are beautiful! So much bigger than the ones we found! they look yummy!

Sab said...

Oh wow, those are some big mushrooms! Sounds like you had a lot of fun! happy mothers day!