Sunday, May 3, 2009

Were safe in Indiana

Gammy and Papa's here we come!
The Kids and I left early yesterday to travel to my parents for about 10 days. it was a great trip. Lanna decided about 7 hours into the 8 hour trip that she didn't like her car seat any more and cried the rest of the way! Liam and I thought that we were going to go nuts, but we made it.
Praise the Lord!
My parents thought that we were coming in today so they were just a bit surprised! We love surprising them, and that we Mom doesn't worry the whole day cause she know that we are on the road.
Liam is so into learning right now. the whole way I would hear him say " Mama saw me boat" or "Saw me truck big." it was so cute. he just "needed" to tell me everything that he saw.
he was good company for me.
The kids and I have stared praying while we are in the car, to make use of every moment for eternity. and we so desire that our children would love to pray. and so along the way we were talking to the Lord about how thankful we were for our dear friends back home in MD. and Liam in that sweet little voice of his said. "Mama, I love friends." it made me thankful for how the Lord uses our babies to remind us to be thankful and grateful for the people in our lives.
Any way.
So we are hear and I'm so dying to go to Garage Sales.
So I have a Huge confession. I'm addicted to Garage Sales. thats one of the reasons that we came home this spring so that we can go!!!!
It's something that my Mom and sisters and I have done forever and so when the Lord moved us to MD. I stared looking for Sales. but we don't have them like here in IN.
So I can't wait for Thurs. to get here so that we can go.
Rain or Shine you will find us somewhere in Fort Wayne, running from Garage to Garage looking for great deals.
I use this as my way to "feed my Need" to shop. When I can find kids clothes for $1 or .50 I can't go buy them in the store for $10, when they will only wear them once or twice!
So come Thursday morning bright and early you will find us in the van with kids still in their pjs, and breakfast to-go, quarters in our pockets, and the look of hunting for deals on our faces!
I' m so excited.
Even so much that I dreamed about it last night! See I told you that I was addicted ! Sigh~~~:)
But to be honest I do feel as though I'm being a "Wise Steward." as the Lord has called us to be.
and just a bit like the Prover 31 woman. But I have a really really long way to go.
So I'll try to keep you up to date with all our Great Garage Sale finds! ;)

So for now I'm off to call me Sweet Hubby who is at home in MD. and find out how his day was.
Good Night!


Celeste said...

Hi Carra!

You won a giveaway on my blog!
(check your email) :)

Sab said...

Oh, I ADORE garage sales! Just waiting for them to really start up again in my area!