Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm Back!!

Were are home and boy do I have a lot to blog about, so I'll do it in a few post just so I can upload more pix for you Gma's to enjoy!

Here is my Loving my Hubby Friday fun!
When I got home he had the house spotless and cause we were away for Mother's Day he was all ready to shower me with fun gifts.
He is the Greatest Blessing to me. I praise the Lord for a very Talented hubby!

The First thing was in the Garage!
A new Wheelbarrow and houses!!
I was so excited, I really been needing them to keep up with our Garden and Yard.

Then they led me back into the house for the next two.
Pen and Ink Portraits of the Kids!
When I saw them I teared up the pix look so much like the kids I was amazed!
I just loved them!

I just Love my Hubby and Praise the Lord for my Sweetheart!
I love you Jon.


aje said...

Did Jon draw those? Wow, thats so sweet, what a great gift!

Carra said...

The Lord has given him a great tallent in most hand art stuff!
He loves to do it when he has time.