Monday, June 2, 2008

Were so sorry that it’s taken us so long to get something up and running!
It’s been a wild but good last few weeks.
Our Church had a Life Acton summit for 10 days and that was so refreshing for Jon and I but tiring. Then that same weekend I was a wedding planner for a girl friend for mine from here at our church.
So needless to say we were very busy and are now glad that things are getting back to normal this week!

Here is an update for the Grandparents on Liam and Elhanna!

Liam is learning new things everyday, it’s so amazing to me how his little brain can hold so much new info and retain all the old. He knows almost all the farm animals’ sounds, and if you ask him what the Cow says he’ll tell you “Boooooo” not Moooo! It’s so cute.
He loves to play outside, anytime he hears a tractor heads in that direction to go see it. And he’ll be doing his tractor noise as he goes!
We’ve been trying to get him ready for baby Elhanna to get here and so when you ask him what the Baby says he’ll say “Whaaaaa” with his little eyes squinted shout!
We sat Elhanna’s bassinet up in their room and he likes to be lifted up so that he can peek in and see her baby doll. He has no idea how much life is going to change for him when she arrives!!!

We had a Dr. Appointment for Ellie on Mon. and he said that all is well!
Only 7 weeks or so to go! Mama is hoping for like 6weeks, but only the Lord knows when she will arrive!

We hope everyone is doing great and we’ll try to get you a new Moorman update a lot sooner this time!

We love you!

Oh and we for got to tell you we cut Liam's hair! :( It was beyond needing cut, but we loved his curls and didn't really want to cut them off but it got a little shorter then Mama really wanted.
Hopefully they will grow back!

The first cut!
Before the top was all cut!
The back with NO curls :(
" I Think I like this short thing!"
Our Big Boy!!!

Getting ready to say bye to daddy and get on the big train for IN.
He did really good on the train, he loved looking for dogs and cow's out the window!
Look at all the puppies!!!
When we were in IN. Liam and his cousin Ty got to play and Liam learned some new tricks.
This one he's not to sure about!
The latest find for Liam was his toe fuzzes!
I found him checking out his toes and I thought that he probably had a hair bugging him or something, but nope it was his fuzzes!
Liam is Daddy's little helper. Yesterday he had to get his drill out too!
Like this Daddy? ( Look at those curls, that was before his hair cut that afternoon!)

A few few weeks ago he had his first sucker. He loved it!

And Ellie at 33 weeks!!!

That's all for now,
Have a blessed week!


aje said...

Cute pictures! I bet it was really hard to snip off those gorgeous curls!!!! He still looks cute! Your belly is awfully cute, too. I think that must be the cutest maternity shirt I've ever seen!


NC Buckeye Fans said...

bet you're getting excited. will be waiting for pictures of your precious little girl.