Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Top 5 Christmas Shopping Ideas For Kiddos!!

So with Thanksgiving and Christmas so very close together I've stared my shopping early and thankfully I'm just about done.:)
I wanted to share with you just our Top 5 places we like to shop for our kiddos.
If' you have been with me long you know how much that I love Good Will and Salvation Army ( Sally's as my family calls it!)  so you know that there will be other cool places like that on my list!
So on with my list. :)
  1.  Your Local "Facebook" Garage Sale, Buy Sell Trade Page.
    Just look for it you'll find it. we have 6 for our area!

 I have bought 3 or 4 gifts for the kids this year on there for about 1/4 of the price of the store.   and you know that they don't care if its not brand new. it's already out of the package and ready to play with! :)

    2. Good Will and Sally's .
Again you have gently used clothing and great toys, just double check if your buying games that all the pieces are there!

    3. Garage Sales.

 It's kinda late this year for this one, but I love shopping all summer long for great gifts, and again for about 1/2 to 1/4 of the price of the store for " Like new" things.

    4.Christian Book Distributers
I love that I can find great God Centered books and Toys Here as well!


    5. Vision Forum
We have bought a few Birthday gifts as well as Christmas gifts here. we love that they have REAL boy toys. like sling shots and play guns. They also have a great staff that was very helpful as well!

Ok I can't just stop with 5. I need to do just one more! :)

   6. Itsy!!!!

 I love, love, love all the cool stuff that you can find on there, I love the kids pages you can go here to see it! But you can also find neat stuff for YOU from the Kiddos ;) .  You can go here to find that too!

So there you have it! and now you know my secrets to where most of our kiddos gifts come from. :)
I may post about Adult gifts this week and the fun of finding a great deal to give as gifts too!

Have a wonderful day !!! I'm off to get life going in our Little home. that includes starting a fire, cause my fingers are about to fall off from being so cold! :)



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