Friday, January 9, 2009

Hand Made with love!

Hello! While traveling I can't sit still. I need to be doing something. crocheting... reading... making something, well this year on the way to GA. I set out to make Lanna some Longeys.
I have this sister who's got me all into cloth diapering, and they make these cute little pants, Longeys... to go over them. To make a long story short I wanted to make a pair not to go over her diaper necessarily but because they were so cute!
Here is the final product!
Their so warm and so cute. Now Jon says that he wants a pair just not in pink!!! :)

So there you have it!!!
If you want a matching pair like Jon's just let me know. :)
I just had to put this pix on.
Look what Lanna learned to do this week!

Ehanna Joy 5 months old

Have a blessed week!


Genesa said...

Those are cute! I love cloth diapering and wool longies!

Danielle said...

Hey there guys!!! Before I forget yes justin won the trip through his work...good stuff!!! Anyway, I totally LOVE those little pants you made....and they look even cutier when she's wearing them!!!!! What a big girl sitting up at only 5 months...impressive :) She is going to be running around with Liam before you know it!!!! Love ya, miss ya !!

NC Buckeye Fans said...

How cute. We are also a cloth diaper family. Mine aren't quite as cute. I make my own diapers and training pants but not the covers. Gerber does it for me but the plastic must be uncomfortable for his kids... All the more reason to potty train early!!!