Saturday, January 3, 2009

This year for Christmas we were in warm Sunny Georgia!!! We just love the winter down there. We're not sure if we could really make it through the summer with all the heat, but it sure is nice to go there when it's in the teens here in MD.
We left here about 1 pm and arrived there about 1:30am we had planned to stop for the night, but Jon was so excited to get home that we drove though!
We snuck into His Dad and Ruth's without waking them up, and surprised them in the morning!
It was a fun surprise! It was a great way to start out our time there!
Christmas was so fun this year with the kids. One of our gifts from Jon's Dad and Step Mom was a trip for all of us to Callaway Gardens.
It was a great trip . We we arrived we went to our Chalet and got our winter clothes on and then headed out to the Light show. (It was to be in the 30's that night. what happened to the heat?)
We got on a tram and enjoyed an hour of Lights and Christmas music. it was great. some of us thought that it was way to cold but others thought it was great!!! I thought it was warm cause of all the memories that we were making!!!;)
A little later you'll get to see some of our lights!
We were blessed with a fun time there ending for us with a warm fire. it was a great time just to be together.
We did miss Jason our brother-in law. He had to say and work. we were sorry that we didn't get to spend time with him.

We got to have two Christmas's! One with Dad & Ruth and One with Mom.

Liam and Lanna are very blessed to have so many grandparents that love them to death!
At Mom's we had a special time. on Christmas evening we piled into the van and went looking for Lights and listened to Christmas music it was great fun.
and we ate and ate! I got to eat some of the recipes that Jon remembered from when he was little. they were yummy!!!
There is just something about southern cookin! :)
We had such a special time in GA. we always hate to see it end.

Here are just a few pix of our fun time there in GA.

Ready for the Sun!!!

Cousins, Sweet Sweet Cousins!
Time with Grandma Moorman

Matching Dresses for Christmas Sunday!

Liam loves his new train!
Opening gifts with Aunt DeeDee ( Christy)

Our Christmas Babies!

Callaway Gardens!!!

We were ready for the Chilly Night

Here we go....

Liam just loved the lights,

We would go through one area and He'd get all excited about the next. with a "Woooo Mama look!" I think enjoyed listening to the kids as much as the lights!
Georgia Snow?

At the Chalet we are all warm with spiced tea and Carmel cake! ( Happy Birthday Mema!)

Rob was showing the guys how to make a good fire ;)

Rob and Christy!

The cousins got matching PJs!

We love you Pop & Ruth,

Thanks for a great time at Callaway!

We'll that sould do it for Christmas in GA.

We loved spending time together with everyone. What a precious family we have.

We'll thats all for now. maybe in a few days I'll get our Christmas at home all done. or better yet just come on over to MD and look at our scrapbooks! I should have them done in the next few months ;).

We pray that you had a blessed Christmas centered around what matter the most Christ Birth and what He's done for us.

We love you !

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Danielle said...

So glad to hear you all had a safe trip and a great Christmas celebration!!!! I love all the pics of the kids!! I can't believe how fast they are shooting up....time just flys by...treasure every minute you can :)

Love ya all!!!