Friday, March 13, 2009

Fun with Liam

2 whole hours... :)
I know your laughing but 2 hours is a big deal for me to be on the web. With not having the net at home I try to find time once in our week to be able to get on and ... well I have to say it... relax!
It's so encouraging for me to be able to get on and see what the Lord is doing in others lives and also to update pix for the Gmas that live far away.
So why 2 hours?
We are doing our winter teen Lock-in tonight and everyone is on a Video Scavenger hunt and Lanna is sleeping and so I got to stay here at church!!!! :)
So I'm updating!!!!

Liam had his first Dinest app. this past week. The dentest is one of our really good friends and so Liam was reallly excited to see Dr. Jay at work.

He did really good.

here's some pix.

Waiting our turn!

Mama how does this work?

I have to brush how many times a day?

The other day I made Jon and I Mocas and Liam wanted to try, so we made him a little steemer.

It was so cute to watch him. Once he got done. " More Please" is what we heard!

I love it!
Well thats it for now. I'll got on a latter and put more pix on!

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