Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Fall!!!

Happy Fall!
It's here it's here!
We are just loving this season, everything from jumping in the leaves to roasting hot dogs. We are so thankful for the changing of the seasons!
We have very exciting news to share with you... Baby #3 is on the way some time in April!!!
We are so excited, Liam goes around saying " Mama has a baby in her tummy!" It's so fun!
Pregnancy is such a precious time for me, It's just amazing that the Lord forms a little inside me.
We have an Ultra Sound on the 19th so We'll let you know what the real due date is after that.

Here is some fall pix for y'all to enjoy!

I Just love this one! too fun!
Our sweet baby girl

My handsome little man

Well I'm off to relax, Today is my birthday!!!
Have a great day!


Gaertegang said...

Happy B-day!! Congrats again on the baby...I wondered when you were going to tell!!

Sab said...

Such pretty pictures! And congrats to you! Hooray for babies! :)

aje said...

Hey Carra! Hope you had a great day yesterday. It was written on my calendar, but then we were busy with the team all day yesterday and I forgot to write an email to you! Sorry! Happy Birthday! :) Eager to see you pretty soon!

Genesa said...

Hope you had a great birthday! Congrat's on the baby!