Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just another day!

We had a great day, but a busy one.
It's so neat to see family and friends drop by, call, send countless notes to encourage Mom.
The Lord has given my parents many friends to bless the sock off of Mom. and thats so what they have done this week!
What a faithful prayer team we had behind all that has happened in the last week.
But even more so a Faithful God who saw fit to have things go as well as they are.
The kids and I will be here in IN. for just a few more days. it's been great to be here to help out.
Then it's back to every day life of meal planning, cleaning house, Cloth diapering and with that comes doing laundry, trying to keep up with two very busy little ones. and our ministry at church. witch I'm missed so much while I've been gone!
Growing up I knew that Mom was ALWAYS busy, but I never knew with what till Liam arrived. and now even more so with Lanna!
What a job I have as a wife... mother... daughter... friend...house keeper.... and oh so many more. I praise the Lord that He is right there all the time to lead the way down the path that He deems is best!
Well I'm off for now. The kids are in bed and it's about time for a nice hot Steamer, and a long chat with my Hubby! ( I'm about to go crazy missing him so badly.)
Good Night!

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