Monday, February 9, 2009

How Great are you Lord!

So what do you blog about when your patient is not so sick any more? I'm just not sure!
Today was a great day. Mom rested well and she is learning how much she can do.
I never knew that Black and Blue had so many different shades to them. But I'm thankful that it's going away so quickly!
I'm realizing how hard it is to take care of Mom and the Kids and the house all that the same time!
Whewwwww. I'm so thankful that Cayla had the week off to help out with everything. She is a great worker. and their church family is helping out with the meals the rest of the week. so that well help out greatly!
Mom has received lots and lots of cards and notes of encouragement. she has looked over them lots of times to day, What a neat ministry they have been to her.

All day long I've had the song that Pete Bray sang at our wedding " How Great Are You Lord."
That is so what He is, not cause Mom is on the road to recovery, but that "He just is"!
What an awesome God we have.
Have great night!

Thanks for your prayers.

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