Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday #2

Hello there!
Mom is doing great. I've talked to her several times today and each time she has been encouraged, Though tonight she was just a bit concerned. Her blood count has been low, and they talked about wanting to maybe do a blood transfusion. She really feels like that wouldn't be best.
Other then that she has been taking short walks, and eating reg. meals!
Her drain tube is still in, they are leaving it in still just to help out, but have said that it could come out soon!
I guess that's all for tonight.
Thank you for all your prayers, the Lord has her on the road to what seems right now, a quick recovery. He is so good!

Here is our prayer request for the night!
* her blood count would go up.
* her drain tube would come out.
* She would be able to rest better tonight.
*for my sisters as they travel home tomorrow to be with their families.

Thanks again!

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